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    Quote Originally Posted by Agung View Post
    Yeah I agree that Pell should have died also.
    But in the couple chapters after that, we see a hooded man that foreshadowed that he was still living.
    Zoan Type of devil fruits have more than 1 form, which was clearly stated in the manga.
    Wikipedia: Mainly improves physical abilities and allows the user to use his or her 3 forms to adapt to a situation during a fight to find the form that gives the biggest advantage.

    Pell must have changed forms right before the explosion to quickly escape, or quickly defend against most of that damage. Makes sense right?

    My vote is for....i guess CP9 as well, most of them got really beat up especially Spandam, Kaku, and Lucci.

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    For the drama:

    It kinda ruins his whole "I sacrifice myself" thing when he lives...
    That was just a bad idea by Oda... Otherwise, Bellamy... Spandam! And, oh, Kaku! (Not that i hate him but the sad scene when you see him thinking of how much more he loved being a member of the Galley-la company will be ruined if he lives.)

    Simply, sad and dramatic scenes shouldn't be sacrificed like Oda has done! He's a genious and a moron at the same time! ARGH!

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    Who cares...
    Spandam IS dead. we saw robin breaking his neck; no one lives after that (except luffy, since he has a rubber neck )
    as for who SHOULD've died:
    luffy and robin, when they were frozen by aokiji.
    franky, when he got hit by a train.
    luffy again, when he was submerged in water (arlong arc)
    wiper, when he got hit with lightning (countless times) by Enel.
    that dude, who was the captain or something of The Don (baratie arc). he inhaleaded this poisonous gas.

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    Spandam is most likely not dead. You'll just see him later with like a neck brace or something...

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    people who should be dead:


    Conis's father


    The guy sanji fought early in the episodes who got hit by Don Krieg's poison

    'Leader'...whatever his name was...leader of the resistance in alabasta

    Ghomera or Sadome, whichever one of the king bulls that looked dead in the cp9 arc

    paulie....mother fucker got capped like 7 times

    tileston ....did you see the power of bluenos punch? A direct hit to the face should have crushed his skull need to explain here. Used the reject like 20 times and took direct hits from enel and other shit.

    Guy with skull cap that zoro fought, who was part of wiper's clan.

    Guy with the sunglasses in wipers clan who got volted.

    ill think of more later but you get the idea

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    i can't remember the name of the island where little robin lives,,
    but i think everyone's dead bcoz of the buster call.. except for robin

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    I'm glad Pell survived, but I think CP9 is dead and that is who I wanted dead. I also think Vivi's caretaker umm... Ingraham? and Mr.3 should have died.

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    hopefully all of CP9 have died i bloody hated spandam and lucci and kalifa with her sexual harrassment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eep View Post
    people who should be dead:

    paulie....mother fucker got capped like 7 times
    Nah. 2 more and he gets to make a breakout rap hit. It'll be about shameless hos showing too much skin.

    Wiper should definitely have died. He should have been a skinbag full of meat and bone puree by the end of that arc.

    Pell's heroic moment was kind of cheapened when he survived.

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    Nobody ever dies in OP. Oda has specifically stated that himself!

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