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    Quote Originally Posted by clonalvex View Post
    Well if you remember Kira's Wabisuke shikai ability and its form lend it well to the purpose of decapitation. (source: Fight with Baraggan's fraccion - Abirama Redder)

    I would have very much liked to have seen if Wabisuke could have had any affect on a Quincy.
    Ahh, alas, Kira really hadn't a time to shine at all...damn Kubo. BUT, he did leave it open this chapter with the SS being unable to confirm if they truly died or if their spiritual pressure simply disappeared by unknown means. Hopefully Kubo brings back SS to its same old same old place.

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    My bet is that one of those Captain level quincy has figured out how to bypass the restrictions of the blut skills.

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    174 it seems Ichigo become the god in the soul society people's heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    So, what now ? Are we going to see Urahara obliterate Opie with his BANKAI ? There's no time to waste, the enemy can no longer steal his bankai (he lost the plate), there is no point in holding back and it's a great moment for Sado to say: "I see, I understand now why it isn't meant for 'training'".
    Most anticipated moment since Chad started his training!

    Manga/Anime I read/have read/tried to read:

    Water type

    What chakra type are you?

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