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Just awesome, old questions are solved, and new ones are formed. Kinda like it how this is going.
But Im too disappointing that Luffy, Robin, Franky,Law , Smoker and Tashigi are caught so easily(what a line up.. )
Its not disappointing.They have become much stronger,but most people had more expectations of them than they should.People like Vergo and probably other really strong VAs like Onigumo are far above the strawhats,since they have decades of experience in the NW.

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As for Vergo's strength, he maybe below that of Doflamingo, but I don't think it'll be by that much. Don't forget that he was a nobody when Flamingo recruited him, and he spent 15 years in the marine force to train and get stronger.

How do you know when did Dofla recruit Vergo?