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Seriously guys.. just please stop, with that stupid ass theory of Tobi = Oro, just WOW! Orochimaru was a genius and far ahead with his experiments; that's why Tobi was so suprised when he saw Danzou's arm, about Kabuto etc.

- The thing we must understand now, is that Orochimaru's plan with Sasuke back in the days had more meaning then we first thought. He simple didn't only wanted the Sharingan, he wanted to evolve the Sharingan into Rinnegan, while having the most strongest Uchiha body left. Itachi Uchiha was too much for him and his plan B was Sasuke.
Orochimaru, like many others.. knew about So6p's, but he was probably one of those few who really BELIEVED that he existed; and not like many other thought of him being a " Mythe ".

Oro's failure was that he had to switch bodies once in the 3 years.. Oro was very weak, when Sasuke fought him; if he wasn't sick, Sasuke wouldn't BEAT him at all. This time: time was on Sasuke's side, and not Orochimaru.

** I'm said it many times; gaining control over the war, has to be related to the White Zetzu's. White Zetzu's are Tobi's Joker in this war; his arsenal of counter and attack. We must ask ourself now; did Kabuto MIXED the cursed seal into Hashirama's DNA??

Cursed Seal is also a Nature type of power.. just like Hashirama's. Kabuto made those White Zetzu stronger, but he probably didn't do that for Tobi's favor. White Zetzu's didn't felt anything, because CS is also Nature Type + with Kabuto's medical skills, he could have mixed that with Hashirama and they automatically assumed that it only made them stronger.

--- And what happened to this " perfect place " that Tobi had, so that Sasuke could fight Naruto and capturing Kyuubi?? It seems to me, that Tobi is step by step, losing his " no feeling " mentality by the provocations of Naruto. First; he couldn't describe the feeling he felt, when Naruto got all Bijuu's name and provoked him and now again; Tobi even ANSWERS to Naruto in a strange way.

Tobi releasing Juubi already? Against Naruto and Bee?? It simple doesn't fit.. it's pretty damn obvious that Madara's and Tobi's sharingan's aren't linked at all right now; Madara's wants his favorite PET KYUUBI and Tobi is releasing Juubi for owning the Kyuubi and Hachibi.

Every time when I'm soo close with my ideas ( well, most of the time we think that we're close,.. ) and then; kishimoto brings one little detail into the story and we can start from the beginning Though I was right of Tobi releasing a imperfect Juubi.

This Manga makes you release yourself into a story with great character developements with emotions similar to real-life scenarios.. a storytelling that entertains you week after week; Naruto Uzumaki isn't art, it's " ART " among arts and Kishimoto is truelly a " Sage ".
Awesome points and a good response towards these new theories, but:

Don't undermine others theories just because they don't match with yours. You're starting to sound like "OMG GUYS STOP BELIEVING WHAT I DONT!!!!". Kishi does so good in playing with the reader's mind, so you really can't blame if someone has a theory that's different from others, even if it's absurd. It's Anime/Manga. It's already absurd. Anything can happen. So please..please quit being a
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stupid ass