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    Quote Originally Posted by raven2k7 View Post
    well am sure that tobi isnt orochimaru because remember when danzo was fighting sasuke and tobi relized that danzo had met with orochimaru. he said *damn u orochimaru * . why would he say that if he was orochimaru. but i do believe that orochimaru had something to do with tobi. because if u notice , tobi has that same body has orochimaru. look at the chapter where he fights with minato ( naruto's dad ) and his hand comes off after minato's attack. he has been keeping himself alive using the same method as orochimaru. probably changing bodies also. so all tobi is , is an uchiha that has been keeping himself alive for a long time by experients from orochimaru. thats why sasuke says * the one who knows everything * . orochimaru has been alive longer than u guys think. he knows all about the hokages and past events because he has been changing bodies for years to stay alive up until now.
    In addition to that, we also already got a glimpse of Tobi's face behind the mask: here and here And it wasn't even close to Orochimaru.

    But I must admit: It's great Oro is back, now that he is no serious danger. And to be honest, given what kind of information Kabuchimaro gained during all their research, it is a bit off that Orochimaru, though considerably weakened, was defeated by a simple Genjutsu. It is more than plausible he had a fail-safe.

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    Oooooooooooohhhhhhh YEA!! That's how Kisimoto rulez

    - My predictions came out; Juugo and Suigetsu meeting Sasuke, when Itachi leaves and here it comes; an imperfect Juubi

    Still going with my theory that Gedou Mazo is his body, and he just swallowed that POT with Kyuubi's chakra.. so I suppose that all the other bijuu's chakra will surround Gedou Mazo body for being summoned ( just like Susanoo; from bone skeleton --> having skin etc.. )

    AND GUYS: those pictures of Itachi / Shisui in Sasuke's mind.. means that he's understanding his brother's love for the village and his best friend. IT SEEMS EVEN that what Shisui did ( sacrificing his eyes and giving it to Itachi ), is something that could HAPPEN during Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke giving the necessary last power to Naruto for killing Madara in the end.
    I'm very confused about Sasuke now; I know that he's going to fight Naruto, but it simple doesnt seems like it.. his goal is killing MADARA first.

    The third power is The Rinnegan; Sasuke is no match against Madara Uchiha or even Tobi, with both of them having Rinnegan. It's probably like 1. Mangekyou Sharingan, 2. Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and final 3. Rinnegan.

    And him meeting with Orochimaru.. love it he looked at Anko when he said that, so it's through her cursed seal. But the " HUMAN WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING " isn't Orochimaru. Sasuke would simple just said Orochimaru, and not THE HUMAN twice in a row.
    Sasuke said: " The Clan,.. the Village, the human who knows everything "

    So far; Tobi is the MAN who knows everything.. who's that fuckin HUMAN !!!!

    Nice chapter, just loved IT!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saiges View Post
    "Third power" simply means Susano'o, Madara didn't want to pull it out again.

    "one who knows everything" is Madara, as Sasuke was saying: 'The clan, the village....'

    I don't think Orochimaru will be revived, there is no real purpose for him anymore. So it will most likely be a genjutsu talk.

    Epic chapter build-up!

    No Sasuke said it with his own mouth the man who knows everything is Orochimaru. That's why he was looking at Anko's CS because that is where Orochimaru stored some of his power the same power Kabuto used to increase his hold over Edo tensei.

    We know it is possible for person to seal a part of their consciousness as we saw with Minato and Kushina having a talk with Naruto. So Orochimaru probably stores a part of his consciousness in each CS he makes. Thus Sasuke can use his Sharingan to probably enter the dimension of the CS and speak to Orochimaru directly the same way he was able to enter Naruto's mind and speak to the Kyuubi.

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    Hey so, forgive me if everyone knew this already and it was obvious, but doesnt orochimaru's curse mark look like a sharingan???! Is that significant somehow??

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    Quote Originally Posted by maansi View Post
    Hey so, forgive me if everyone knew this already and it was obvious, but doesnt orochimaru's curse mark look like a sharingan???! Is that significant somehow??
    Its called a tomoe and its common symbol in japan.

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    the 3 tomoe curse seal was only present on 2 of the people Oro gave them to that we're aware of. Anko (who was also the first to survive the process if memory serves), and Sasuke (I believe the most powerful of the CS grantees, and probably the most skilled in its use).

    Anko was chosen mainly I believe because she was Oro's prize student before he left the Leaf, and we all know the reasons behind Sasuke's selection.

    Given the mad genius that is Orochimaru, there's no reason not to believe (that especially in light of the fact that Oro seems to give people the CS through biting them himself) that the face to face chat Sasuke will soon have with Oro will be made through Anko's CS.

    I also suspect that the CS may the bridge Oro needed to even make the jump from body to body. a body capable of staying alive then thriving on the power the seal gives allows the portion of Oro's soul that comes along for the ride with it gain the foothold needed for the 'immortality' jutsu to properly do its work when the time comes.
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    My only problem with this chapter is that once again, kakashi is portrayed as a one trick pony. He has had the worst treatment from the beginning up to now in regards to development as a shinobi and sharpening his skills further. Not long ago he was chosen as kage worthy, now he's back to raikiri, using it in what appears to be a situation where it wasn't intended and looks downright pitiful. Kishi needs to respect kakashi more in the panels. Everything else about the chapter turned things around for me, i was worried.for months naruto was becoming derailed but it snapped out of the slump for me this week. Can't wait until next chapter

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    Well this finally confirms what have been guessing for a long time. I always had my suspicions that Orochimaru would come back some way or another and now we know he will but I guess the question now is how? Orochimaru was sealed by the Sword of Tetsuka, but did a fraction of soul somehow escape and is slowly rebuilding or does Sasuke think he cause somehow free Orochimaru from the Sword. Perhaps the Sword itself is like a pocket dimension and with the Eternal Mangekyou perhaps Sasuke can enter that world. We still don't know how Tobi was able to create his pocket dimension so perhaps it is an advanced ability of the the Mangekyou.

    Another interesting thought is what will happen when Sasuke finds Orochimaru and what state will Orochimaru be in. Kabuto has already basically become a superior version of Orochimaru so perhaps Orochimaru will attempt to fuse with him. I have to assume that Orochimaru's return, whatever form, will be more than just to reveal his secrets to Sasuke. I find it kind of interesting that Sasuke mocked Orochimaru's ambitions and belittled him but now he almost seems to be referring to him with reverence by calling him "the human who knows everything."

    Its interesting to see all of the sides changing again. For a brief time the Allies seemed to have it made but now they seem on the verge of defeat, after the Kage's were completely outclassed by Madara. Then after Itachi stopped Edo Tensei it seemed for a moment that they would be in an excellent position. Yet now they are again at Madara's whim but I am wondering what will happen if Madara goes to join the battle between Naruto, Bee and Tobi. If Tobi and Madara ally themselves it seems like there could be no chance of defeating them but if they oppose each other they could weaken each other to the point that both could be beaten by the allies.

    Sasuke seems like he is again on the verge of acquiring incredible new powers. We still don't know what the scrolls include but it is enough to make the other members of his team believe that they can rule the world with it. In addition, Sasuke now has Kabuto as his prisoner, he can likely use genjutsu to get a ton of information out of him and that doesn't even get into the possibilities of what Orochimaru could bring to the table. Sasuke may now be in the most advantageous position of all because right now the others are all busy destroying each other while Sasuke is gathering more power and information. I am still wondering what Sasuke really wants to do now, he seems to have mellowed significantly and at the very least he seems to be thinking more clearly. Since his battle with Itachi Sasuke has just been a mad dog, charging blindly from battle to battle but now he seems to be making plans with an analytical mind.

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    What I find interesting now is that Edo Madara is now as complete as he needs to be. He doesn't really need to be alive percé. As a matter of fact, he looks quite pleased in his current form. That raises a whole lot of questions about Tobi though. Looks like we can rule out the whole "Tobi is Madara's soul inside a Zetsu body" now. Cause when you think about it, when Kabuto showed Tobi the coffin, Tobi looked kinda scared. Why? Previously I thought it was because Tobi was supposed to revive the true Madara. Not some edo zombie. But, if Tobi have had Madara's memories, he would have known about edo tensei. Also, he wouldn't have thought that edo tensei'ing Madara was a bad thing.

    I'm beginning to put my own hypothesis about Tobi being a zetsu clone with Madara's soul at rest. He sure can't be Madara now. He doesn't even fit his arrogant profile.

    When I think about it, what if the twist later on is that Kabuto put a cursed mark on the edo body that now is Madara? Looks like Madara is touching his shoulder about the same spot as Anko has the cursed mark. Could it be that Orochimaru will take over Madara's body as some point? That would be a huge twist!

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