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    One Piece Devil Fruit for Ussop!

    What Devil Fruit power do you want Ussop to have? GIVE REASON!!! =D

    I want Ussop to have Shiny Shiny Fruit, which makes Ussop's shots works like a flashbang. So when Ussop fires a shot, it will create a huge amount of light that will blind the enemies (not himself, cuz he owns the power).
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    One Piece Run Run fruit

    The devil fruit best suited for Ussop would be a fruit that allowed the user to run very fast This would be good for Ussop because he is always afraid and likes to run from battle but it would also allow him to put distance between him and his enemies pr get to high ground quickly so he could use his sniping more effectivly

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    actually Usopp doesn't need a devil fruit, he's already smart enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZackWiki View Post
    actually Usopp doesn't need a devil fruit, he's already smart enough.
    Agreed. If he had a devil fruit ability, he would lose the possibility to trick DF users into water with him.

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    I think he should simply get sumthi'n like an Emotion Emotion Fruit, so he can like turn brave when he needs to, or become like rly sad...o.o like with that ghost girl from Thriller Bark, she made the ghosts go threw ppl, but it didn't affect him cuz he already has low self-esteem, but if he didn't, then he could control it so that he could have high or low at any time...and like become an emo one second, and the next a brave guy not afraid of nything XD but then that'd ruin the story, cuz we need him to freaked by everything ! therefore no devil fruit is good! right now the devil fruit ratio for the Straw Hats is 3:5! so it'd b like Luffy, Chopper, Robin: Zoro, Nami, Sanji, Usopp and Franky (i think i didn't miss ny1...btw, i'm not including Brooke, cuz hez not official member yet)

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    usopp doesn't need a devil fruit...

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    Soge Soge fruit! 100 shots lalala 100 hits lululu...

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