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Thread: Future arcs

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    I wanna see naruto lose the kyuubi so naruto can get stronger byhimself (ofcourse sakura has to revive him then )

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    Kakashi had his Sharingan out whilst Chiyo was doing her stuff, he'd make a good sacrificial lamb, either for Naruto by using that jutsu which he copied or for Sasuke by giving him his Sharingan as he died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atriede View Post
    Knowing what a rabid/annoying Sasuke fanboy Kishimoto is I say he lets...........................Naruto's die, Sasuke becomes Hokage but more importantly marries Sakura (thus ignoring all possible romantic links to Naruto that were being developed since the begining of Part two). Even if Naruto lives, and becomes Hokage he does not get the main girl Sakura (and the getting the main girl always matters the most). I bet he gets a lesser character like Hinata (sorry NaruHina fans).
    I've always hated this "NaruHina" or "SasuSaku" crap, because it's just so moronic. Naruto is not a romance story, and stuff like this doesn't really matter; it's all just fantasy created by Otakus who stink like stale cheese, and like Yaoi.

    Come on, let's be realistic; Sasuke is going to end up making out with Naruto at the end.
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