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Lol I know what you said was right but I love how a group of Chuunin and jounin actually thought they could slow the Kyuubi down lol. I bet it would take a group of Kage's to slow that thing down, that god for the convenient jutsu the 4th had that could take out the Kyuubi in 1 shot O_O what a wonderfully convenient place this Konoha is :$

The way I see it, the ninja's were using themselves as raw meat to keep the Kyuubi occupied. They didn't stand a chance but they did act as bait keeping the kyuubi's attention at the very least, till yellow flash could arrive and hand down some pawnage. Its the same way when a wildebeast is being eaten by a crocodile the mass of other wildebeasts who wouldn't stand a chance, are given safe leeway to cross a stream whilst the beast is occupied.