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    Fairy Tail 289 Discussion / 290 Predictions

    Chapter is out!

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    If I was him, I would pretend to be the real Mystogan, that came back just for the tournament, to repay for their help... and that the link between worlds was reestablished after those 7 years, that is if that council-scar guy knows that much ;P.

    So, I noticed Zeref's shadow, but that's probably another troll .

    So, what will happen now, Jella vs Council and the cat girl, and Erza vs the Samurai chick ? Will FT B or the whole FT be disqualified ?
    Will Erza finally tell her true feelings and that she likes that Jelal is the older one now ? Will Jelal admit his feelings and that he prefers younger girls (if he intends to keep his lie about being engaged to the younger one of his team ;P) ?

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    Way to go Wendy! I'm so proud of her. Never count the pint-sized Skyslayer out.

    I can't really fault Mest for being suspicious, after all it's his job to ensure the public's safety and depending on how much intel he received back when he infiltrated FT he knows that Jellal, a wanted criminal, has strong ties to Mystogan and would likely be the only person capable of impersonating him.

    Chelia was a red herring after all, but that still leaves us with the unanswered question as to who is the cause of the dark energy. Rogue might be a candidate, seeing as we haven't seen much from him. I always thought his appearance looked eerily similar to Zeref's so much so that when he was first introduced with Sting I actually thought he was Zeref. <_<

    Sting and Rogue's upbringing is still unclear, but there has to be some reason Mashima's been holding off on having Rogue compete, although Sting hasn't shown us anything yet either aside from motion sickness. (It could just be Mashima building up the suspense and tension to a fever pitch again) Most likely the dark force has something to do with either Arcadios and his division of the Fiore army, or Rogue. Nothing else really sounds plausible unless Zeref gets inserted here, which would seemingly be overkill but could happen. WAIT! Of course how could I have missed it, obviously it's the bugs bunny wannabe from Blue Pegasus.

    Anyways tag battle is up next, can't wait for that. I'm really hoping it's Natsu and Gray teaming up against Sting and Rufus. Alternatively, Gajeel and Laxus could match up against Rogue and Orga as well, too bad only one group can get a shot at Sabretooth. Though I could see Minerva getting thrown in there before the Dragonslayers, as she isn't as important. In which case I'd expect Lucy and someone else. Possibly Gray as a way for the two to redeem themselves for their previous losses.

    I wish the last day wasn't a total mystery, Mashima might just decide to save all the FT vs. Sabretooth goodness until then.

    As long as everything just keeps on flowing forward, then that's already enough.
    Where there's a will there's a way!

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    This is what separate Mashima from other artist. He can make women particularly in this chap, two young lovely girls fight with pure awesomeness without taking out the feminine vibe to it.

    Damn, if Jellal gets caught, FT B will be disqualified. Like Zero said, pretending to be Mystogan no matter what is the only option.

    I'm starting to think that mystery guy we're looking for is the rabbit. He looks suspicious from the get go.

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    Yeah like Zero said if Jellal puts on a good act he can walk off safely, I have a feeling someone from Fairy Tail will come back him up.

    What do you guys think is gonna happen with the rest of the tournament since Raven Tail was kicked out? ...I'm guessing their going to combine Fairy Tail into one group to make it even.

    And if the cover pages are any indication Gray & Juvia will team up for the tag team match, those two could pull off some awesome unison raid. Gray just needs to take his head out of his **s and accept Juvia.

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    well that was fun lool. im ok with how it ended and i did love the chapter. not i want to see how F.T.gets out of this one. erza to the rescue for the love of her wife!.
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    so wendy will win in the last. Hopeful!

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