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    Quote Originally Posted by DonMegaPLP View Post
    Anyone notice the decline in the quality of the Animation? I think the show peaked at episode 59 then stayed pretty leveled and impressive then took it to another level again around episode 114 and stayed at that level up until after that Hitsugaya-Soccer filler-thing(Especially Ichigo's 1st fight with Grimmjow, it looked theater quality). Well the Adjucha-forest arc was done fairly well.

    Recently it's just been... bleh. Especially this last episode it all looks dull and underwhelming. Almost as if they cut back on the production budget.

    Even the classic picture of Chad revealing his new arm just looked so much better in black and white. And Ganteban's zanpakuto-shocker bracelets... pink!? They looked so ridiculous.
    indeed ganteban's release was poorly conceived but for chad,his animation got a whole lot better lately
    just look at the side shot of him when he first encountered ganteban
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    Did someone saw the arrancar encyclopedia of this episode?...i can't find it.

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