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    Madara is a beast for just ripping out his brothers eyes... .hahahaha gimme ur eyes, i need to see the hot babes and read icha icha books(that havent been out yet )

    and be cool if rock lee uses his speed to take advantage and does 1000 years of pain..
    was rock lee the green beast or the blue beeasT?? i forgot.... ;/
    Best Jutsu Ever created... --> "1000 Years of Pain"
    'Sakura' - "What, that wasnt a ninjutsu, thats just a Super Powerful ass poke"

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    rock lee dont need genjutsu he can kick ur butt more than u need in 3 days and can do it in a second >.> and thats when hes not even on sake or crack imagine HIM ON CRACK!!!

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