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    Chapter is out!

    Loved the page. Tsuna sure does look like a true boss. And Kyoko is clueless is to what the hell is going on.
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    Since 2009 when I watched the anime, and following that by reading the manga when the former finished, I've wanted one moment. Just one moment. Just this moment: for Tsuna to unremittingly accept and entrench himself as Boss. The last screen is possibly one of Tsuna's crown glory moments.

    In all ways this deepens the story to a higher caliber of symbols. This is the first time I can recall in which Reborn actually is directly involved with a dramatically ironic situation. Reborn, for the greater tenure of this series, has contained a type of analyzing and probing that equals Tsuna's if not surpasses it simply through experience. Reborn has not considered Tsuna's resolve simply because of how unnatural the night flame is; he is in for a rude awakening for not respecting the blood of the Vongola. He forgets that Tsuna is the de facto King of the Sky, whom is now embracing his role as harmonizer of the Dying Wills.

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    I wonder what's next for the manga if this arc ends.

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