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    Do something about the adfly malware

    I've just noticed that I received malware from adfly.

    I've just clicked on one of the adfly links, as well as the virus-scanner as the anti-spyware reported an alert. A worm + a virus in one link is way to much. I'm surprised that Mangashare hasn't broken down under the malware attack (it gets a full attack with directing/connecting to adfly).

    At the end of last week I did get a malware attack and I couldn't log in anymore for the rest of the day (it was an adfly link).

    Now I've got the question why adfly (and adco***( well know for it's pornographic advertising) are still allowed on mangashare, it's written in the rules that "Referral / Affiliate IDs are not permitted on any links on this forum." (like stated in the rules).

    Another thing, who is going to delete those adfly links without a link anymore (mediafire gives "account suspended" and the the direct download gives "user is out of bandwidth" (this is obvious breaking the first advertising rule).
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