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    Do something about the adfly malware

    I've just noticed that I received malware from adfly.

    I've just clicked on one of the adfly links, as well as the virus-scanner as the anti-spyware reported an alert. A worm + a virus in one link is way to much. I'm surprised that Mangashare hasn't broken down under the malware attack (it gets a full attack with directing/connecting to adfly).

    At the end of last week I did get a malware attack and I couldn't log in anymore for the rest of the day (it was an adfly link).

    Now I've got the question why adfly (and adco***( well know for it's pornographic advertising) are still allowed on mangashare, it's written in the rules that "Referral / Affiliate IDs are not permitted on any links on this forum." (like stated in the rules).

    Another thing, who is going to delete those adfly links without a link anymore (mediafire gives "account suspended" and the the direct download gives "user is out of bandwidth" (this is obvious breaking the first advertising rule).
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    it's geting worse

    well, first, sorry if my english is lacking, writting it isn't my prime...

    second, yesterday, while i did try to dl some manga, i got some nasty things, in fact, a wanabe phishing/swindle

    my antivivirus couldn't deal with it, so i just finished doing it myself...

    whenever u have an internet connection, u will get a white page with this (in my case, a swindle in german since i'm in switzerland, that i can't translate since i speak french)

    it warn u about trying to dl licensed material, worth 3 year in jail, and ask for a fine of 100 swiss franc u have to pay with paysafecard...
    this page contain some error and well, a guy like me that doesn't like to pay for nothing, isn't caught

    the bad part is to remove it, first, need to locate it (in user, temp files) then erase... but 1 file launch itself at computer start and prevent opening file manager to stop process... i resolved the problem by opening the file manager as soon i tiped the pw for my session, thus, opening it before the malicious program was itself launched.
    here is another pic of the programs i hunted down

    i hope it help other peoples

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    Where was the link?
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    it was on mediafire link (passing by adfly), posted by... StryderHyriu
    1 was for bleach, last week, mangastreamer version
    but it happenend too on another site (utopia scan) for the last chapter of gantz... the link was too passing by adfly...

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    You're overreacting about my links containing malware/viruses, I often click on my links and have not received any malware/viruses as far as I know.

    All of my links that I post in the comment section of the manga tracker are 100% legit I do not fake any of my links with any adware/malware/virus crap as soon as you click the skip button on the short 5 second intermission you get what is promised to you no questions asked.

    Now about the Utopia site I have nothing to do with the Utopia so I don't see why I should be blamed for that.

    I recommend that you get an ad block extension like this one for your browser if it bothers you so much, overall I don't see what the big deal about all of this is as long as I do not submit adfly links with or without malware/viruses as the main links on the manga tracker releases (which I don't in either category for the manga tracker), I am not in direct violation of any rules and neither are the rest of the poeple that provide real links and do what I do on this website.
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    This is a serious offense, any user caught submitting adware/malware links in the manga session will be banned. That said, we need proof of the infraction. So until there is proof of the infraction (i.e. links to offending uploader's files) or another member coming forward with more evidence, it is a game of "he said, she said." Please provide proof and action can be taken.

    Lastly, any regular members have this issue? I would like a second member with a known reputation to come forward as well.

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    The only suspicious thing I see here is that name kolérick, hehe :-p

    No seriously, I admit that adfly is kinda annoying, but it's still bearable
    It's a harmless site with simple ads that you can block easily, like StryderHyriu already said
    Any malware supposedly found is definitely not a cause of that site
    Adfly is even safe rated by the add-on

    We provide safe and correct files and don't try to cause any harm to anybody
    People who regularly use our links know that everything is alright
    All the others who are still afraid of clicking those links, should just avoid them
    You should already know the usual suspects (^.~)

    Regards <3 <3 <3

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    well, they asked about the link, i answered where it was, never implied it was intentionnal from the person who added the link...
    and i provided a second occurence of the adfly problem, on anothersite (utopia) for wich i nevr implied that StryderHyriu was in cause...
    here, the problem seem to lie with adfly...
    and yes, i did a full scan of my pc after the 1st infection (that's why it took me alot of time to post about the problem), before managing to get rid of it by myself since the antivirus didn't deal with (avira free antivirus)
    so, i perfectly understand some people want to make a few bucks with adfly links while linking other people "works", i too understand it doesn't seem to be required for site funds (since other peoples post adfly free links, thanx chomio), but well, it's worth a caution call that there could be problem with those adfly links...

    and btw, my name should be kolrick but the transformed in 2 signs in place...

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    Ok, Kolrick, so it's just misfortune with the board ^^
    (btw I was just joking :-P)

    Well, I too click those adfly links a lot since you come across them everywhere,
    but I never have had any problems regarding malware, viruses or whatever so far
    So except for the ads I don't see any problems with adfly

    The thing is, once people start sharing files across the web there's already danger of malware/viruses even without sites like adfly
    So the problem sometimes lies in the file itself instead of the link where you got it from

    In addition I would recommend using an adblock add-on, and I'm not saying this to whitewash the adfly topic here,
    it's a matter of general safety and enjoyable surfing through the web
    Nowadays you get flooded with ads everywhere, so a simple add-on truly is a "life saver" (^.~)

    And I hope your computer is clean and safe again, Kolrick ... and that it never will happen again *throwing pixie dust*

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    Quote Originally Posted by thsv View Post
    Where was the link?
    It depends on were you live, in some country's adfly is most of the times clean, but their are country's where it always gives a lot of malware.

    Also, the biggest problem is;
    free file host = hosting and sharing
    adfly = publisher, publishing files

    The problem is as followed, free file hosts gives the files when you have the link, only if you have the link, with other words the link is like a password for sharing the file. free file hosts won't publish the links on public networks if you don't allow it (some hosts have an option for this and others works fully in private).
    Adfly and other forwarders are publishers, with other words they sell the links that you put in it, and distributes it on the Internet and of course they reach the "WRONG PERSON", because of this I needed to quit with Toriko. It also puts the group that released it in danger, the "DANGEROUS PERSON" uses a shotgun on the groups. I don't know if this is the main cause, but it still remains a fact that problems started to raise after those forwarders started to pop up.
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