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    Now I'm almost positive that Orochimaru's scroll will have something to do with stopping Madara.

    Cool chapter...did Dan really just turn into Casper?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    Now I'm almost positive that Orochimaru's scroll will have something to do with stopping Madara.

    Cool chapter...did Dan really just turn into Casper?
    I totally forgot, you're right. That means, Kabuto knows something that still might turn the tables.

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    Holy FUCK shit just got real!
    Madara knew how to release himself the whole damn time. Is he gonna make Kabuto and the rest of the world his bitch? Can Naruto get there in time?

    And what of Tobi? He knows Kabuto played his trump card and that edo tensei has now been released and I don't think he raided Nagato's rinnegan after Kabuto's edo tensei show just for shitz and giggles. I now think he shat bricks when he saw Madara's coffin because he knew how dangerous it was to summon a ninja of that calibre. Even with the rinnegan I doubt he can just walk up to him and rip his soul out.

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    If Itachi was on another whole level from the rest, impossible to be restricted, then it shouldn't be surprising that Madara is on an even higher level (he doesn't even need to use an outside source).

    Madara knew how to release himself, but his movement and will might still have been restricted, so that he can't undo himself, but the moment the whole ET was undone, all Edos gained free movement for a short time. That time-frame was enough for him to release himself.

    I guess the Flying Dragon Team (Team Hawk + Kabuto ?)will need to do something with Madara now . If all of Naruto's supporters run towards him now, then shouldn't it be the same for Sasuke ?

    TDGS, it is extremely effective against ET, but they still would need to remove Susanoo first, since it needs physical contact. The only people who might know it are, Tsunade and Kabuto.

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    Sealing jutsus would beat Madara or any other jutsu anytime, anywhere!

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    Yo Madara, you can't go away son? Am glad he's sticking around though.
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    So because Madara knew the seal, he is able to live on. Didn't Itachi learn the seal from Kabuto and thus should also be able to do the same thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximo View Post
    Who would have thought that there is such a simple way of releasing your edo zombified self from summoners hands ? A mere string of hand seals !! Well shit ..

    Anyway, I think seeing how things turned out, Madara will probably leave Kages for now and go sort things out with Tobi.
    Who says it was simple, like any other jutsu you would need to be stronger than the caster, and since Edo Tensei isn't something anyone can do it seems likely that most of those who cast it is pretty strong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phixion View Post
    So because Madara knew the seal, he is able to live on. Didn't Itachi learn the seal from Kabuto and thus should also be able to do the same thing?
    It's highly possible that the release seal is different than the seal for doing it, and even if it isn't Itachi had no idea that you could release yourself, not to mention he's not an evil psychopath so he wouldn't want to stick around.

    So I'm thinking, there got to be a way to release the technique, or to stop Madara for good. But where will this solution come from? Will Sasuke use Itachi's trick on Madara?(highly unlikely). Was it on the scroll Hugo and Suigetsu found? Will maybe Sasuke obtain the Totsuka sword and seal Madara? Or will maybe Tobi play a part of it? So many options!!!!!!!

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    There is one thing that doesn't make sense though. It's as if it contradicts the story thus far. If really something (a risk) like this was there, don't you think The 2nd Hokage-Tobirama himself will know of this since he was the one that created this jutsu in the first place? If so, why didn't he terminate the contract when Orochimaru summoned him? It's not like he wanted to wreck havoc on Konoha himself plus by releasing or cancelling the contract, the third wouldn't have had to use shiki fujin in the first place. This doesn't make sense. Madara is being overpowered senselessly. When I first read this in the spoilers section and saw that somebody had commented on it as being a load of bull crap, I thought to myself; that's an apt response and that it couldn't be true. Ah well Kishi owns the story anyway. Can't be helped. Plot-plot no jutsu. It couldn't possibly be that the 2nd totally forgot about that cos ET leaves the summoned person's memory intact to the point of their death.

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    Wasnt tobirama's movements way more limited compared to Madara who was basically roaming free to the point of actually being able to think and use the seals himself?
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