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    "...I'm...I'm so gonna SLAUGHTER THEM ALL !!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHHA", at least that's what I expected for a moment there, but who knows ;P ?

    So, it's confirmed, immortality with unlimited chakra, but from where does it come form ? From nature, or from the pure realm itself ?

    Dan's jutsu seemed like nothing more than an advanced from of the mind switch jutsu...

    Actually, I was hoping that Madara would copy Dan's jutsu to take someone else's body, but oh well, one way or the other he couldn't have just faded away silently.

    Looks like the ground is solid for Sasuke's redemption. He got the love of his brother and parents he missed so much, and his brother is going to be known as a 'Hero' after this war, I guess it's time to make some babies and reestablish the Uchiha clan ;P.

    Oh right, forgot about the seals to release ET that Madara knows about. It's a little strange that Tobirama didn't use them, since it looked like Madara knew about them from the version that the 2nd used... unless Tobi's and Madara's minds are linked and he passed him the knowledge (that's why the seals that Itachi used were different from the ones Kabuto showed to Tobi. One combination was to release the whole ET, while the other, was to remove the control system).

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    Ha ha.
    The nightmare has become true.
    Many feared/wished Madara would survive the release. he did.

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    im usually good with this stuff but im pretty confused, what exactly did madara do?

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    Since Madara's body isn't in Kabuto's control anymore, he unleash the seal and redo ET on himself. Or at least that's what I think what happened in the manga.

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    Who would have thought that there is such a simple way of releasing your edo zombified self from summoners hands ? A mere string of hand seals !! Well shit ..

    Anyway, I think seeing how things turned out, Madara will probably leave Kages for now and go sort things out with Tobi.
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    - Awesome we finally get to see Dan's Ghost jutsu...spiritual jutsu whatever

    - Edo Madara's will is so strong his spirit lingered similar to how Orochimaru resisted the Dead seal summoning.

    - Okay Tsuande got so say goodbye to Dan

    - Wow wtf didn't expect Madara to be able to hang around like this, so he used a release seal to dispel the contract now hes free.

    - I bet Tsuande uses Dan's ghost jutsu to defeat Edo Madara.

    Well things were going to well something bad had to happen. The Kages need some Jounin to back them up.

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    Good, Madara doesn't take the easy way out, like he should. I know someone who is going to be VERY happy about this
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    More Questions than Answers - that's what we love Kishi for

    Kishi really did it this time. We all knew that somehow, Madara would come back, since Kishi gave us too many indications that prepares a clash of Kurama against a perfect Susano'o. But that Madara would never leave...

    Does anybode have a good idea how Narutoverse can be saved this time? It is virtually impossible to kill Madara, and hitting him hard enough to gain enough time to seal him is equally unthinkable. And the Kages don't have anything up their sleeve, as Ooniki said that the last attack was their last shot.

    But that is really weird: Every decent shinobi seems to have a once in a lifetime-technique that is practically unbeatable. Something like the Dead-Demon-Seal or Chijos Tensei-jutsu. That none of these five Kages doesn't have any seems strange to me. There will be other uber-techniques. However, to be honest: The most realistic way of the Kage getting out of this alive is that Madara simply stops, claiming that a continuation of the fight would be pointless since he is far superior to them. The Kage know they have lost, whatever the ending.

    Maybe my earlier mentioned theory will be proven true and Tsunade really turns out to be something like a slug sage. At least I don't think that Tsunade will use her replenished chakra to just reactivate her Byakugō no Jutsu. So, there may be more.

    And I am all the more curious when Madara really died. He knows way too much about Nagato and the Edo Tensei. Edo Tensei was invented by Tobirama, maybe before he even became Kage. So theoretically, Madara learnt about this early enough. Yet, he also knew about Nagato. Kishi confused us way too much to not give us any explanations later.

    Is it possible that the risk of the Edo-Tensei-jutsu Madara made use of is the true reason why the Edo Tensei had been forbidden. We have all been a bit puzzled how a former Kage, who is supposed to be morally pure, could invent such a jutsu. Yet I would suggest that in war, you always have enough bodies at your disposal, without having to "find" some the way Orochimaru did. So maybe, saving lifes by using the body of already dead people was not considered that immoral. But once too many shinobi know how to escape the Edo Tensei-control, it is rendered useless, if not dangerous: The revived ex-ETs might turn against you. I think it's totally possible, that Konoha didn't want to take that risk. But it's strange that Kabuto didn't know about this, since he seemed to know everything. Maybe, he does, and even more. If he doesn't die and overcomes the Izanami (which would mean he would be somehow redeemed), his information might prove useful.

    And yet: Madara with Rinnegan, EMS, limitless chakra, unkillable - I still think that Kishi exaggerated.

    Last but not least, there is one technique strong enough to overcome all these dangers: The Flying Thunder-God Technique. It really is the best jutsu we have seen, which may be why we haven't seen it anymore. The only reminiscences are the Kunai Kakashi still should have and the trio that knows how to perform the FTG. Even the Sharingan isn't able to foresee where the user lands (as the Minato-Tobi-fight proved); it is possible to warp a few hundred yards, which should be too much even for a perfect Susano'o; you can escape virtually any attack (also proven by Minato against Tobi, I see no reason why it shouldn't work against Shinra Tensei and all the other Rinnegan attacks). And once a seal is placed on the sharingan-user, I don't see why the FTG can't warp you inside the Susano'o. Seriously, I am sure, the FTG is the most useful and versatile jutsu.

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    I never expected this... I can't believe all the tension surrounding Itachi's heroic efforts and the Kage vs. Madara battle was in vain, and Itachi couldn't save the Kages after all. Madara's power is endless... his existence is the true weakness behind Edo Tensei, not Itachi's. We all knew Madara was too powerful to control, but to think he could prevent his Edo Tensei from being Released, too. Was Dan's intervention in vain, too? Who will save the Kages now?

    At this point I feel like the only option left is that, once Kabuto awakens from his Izanami, he'll reveal some fail-safe that allows him to un-Summon Madara, since the only way for him to wake up is to come to a sort of epiphany/redemption. If that doesn't happen, and Kabuto is still totally evil / insists on leaving his Edo Tensei intact (or simply has no such fail-safes to pull), no one is stopping Madara.

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