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After reading these last few chapters I'm starting to think aside from a few things during the war (like Mihawk cutting that mountain of Ice, or White Beard basically destroying the island) the war wasn't really a great indicator of strength, like none of the Admirals must have been going all out, maybe it was so they wouldn't hurt their own troops but idk...

I say this because now there seems to a much greater range of fighters from Vice Admiral to Admiral level, if Law is Shibukia level then Luffy is too (Luffy is obviously more physical then law, but physical strength/speed isn't everything so long as it's not THAT much difference and Law has a hell of a fighting technique) however both of them are having issues... and Obviously we are not going to see strong Vice Admiral level guys this early in the New World.

That would be cool, but some of the Zodiac signs are weird, like how would a half Goat/Human look (the goat is Capricorn I think)? or Gemini would have to be twin birds or something.

It would be cool if their DF's didn't relate to their animal signs, like Ares is a ram I think.. lol - and also, it was done with CP9, maybe if its with affiliations/personalities it would be cool though.
I'm pretty sure Akainu went all out against WB. It just doesn't look like it coz the fight was too short. The others,yeah didn't quite gone all out probably because it's a war and conserving energy is critical and Mihawk didn't really fought anybody who's worth it aside from Vista which was postponed.

I actually think that it was a great indicator of strength. I could easily tell how still far Luffy is from the top tiers like Akainu. Before Luffy and Zoro needed to team up and use one of their strongest attack just to make a hole on Aqua Laguna. On the other hand WB can easily Create one, Aokiji can easily freeze one and Mihawk can easily cut one in half. Now Luffy can do a similar feat in terms of destructive power (the near destruction of Noah) but has to go totally all out in order to do so while Mihawk didn't even use a named slash when he cut down the huge frozen wave. In my eyes, Luffy can give any of the top tier a good sparring session but would still lose handily. Even Akainu would have gotten out of the way from a gatlling elephant gun.

This also makes me believe that Luffy would have to team up with someone, maybe Law Kid and Zoro when fighting Big Mom (if it's her) then the rest would go down leaving only Luffy and Big Mom but with a damage taken to even the fight out. Luffy's next Yonkou fight would be a one on one. By that time he's ready.