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Thread: Orochimaru ?

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    I dont think we really have a good judge of Pain's strength yet, mainly because he fought Jiraya. Jiraya would just about destroy every shinobi we've been introduced to so far ( at least on the "bad" side). Not to take anything away from him, because he did win in all. Orochimaru is just too weird to count out. I highly doubt he is still in Sasuke, just because Kabuto went to such lengths to keep his master alive. I'm sure if anybody would know, it would be him and he seemed to think all was lost before he made his sacrifice. He'll probably hang low for a while, if he has any say in whether or not Kabuto really pursues Sasuke, i doubt he wants a rematch so soon...
    Killer Bee killed Sasuke twice. Sweet.

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    Well, I agree that Tsunade is probably gonna die soon, at least that's what I think. The question now is how will she die?

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    She'll succumb to alcohol poisoning.

    Most anticlimactic ninja death ever.

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    she will gamble with the devil and lose
    I am McLOVIN

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