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    Itachi's Eyesight

    If itachi is going blind, as shown in chapter 386, page 3

    Does that affect his sharingan's ability to percieve movements and jutsus?

    Shouldn't he already be impaired because of his rapidly coming blinding, making him an easy kill for Sasuke?

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    Well obviously he's not that blind cuz he's wasted two of Naruto's clones and he wasn't even looking at them, put Naruto in a genjutsu, all before his encounter with Sasuke by the way. Used genjutsu twice on Sasuke. He may be goin blind but his eyesight isn't crap yet. He's proved that already. His eyesight should be about the same as it was when he fought Kakashi. Thats what i believe anyway

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    well you could clearly see that he could barely see. I like how i said that...but anyways, will it affect the fight with his lil bro? Of course! Sasuke wouldnt be a great shinobi if didnt take advantage of this fact, also, his eyes are nearing their end. Hence the ever popular Insane Itachi. I can't say for sure that just because he can't see the move,(sight) that the sharingan can't see it(ability). It'll be an interesting fight, and if it was against anybody else other than another sharingan user, i'd think Itachi would still have the upper hand.
    Killer Bee killed Sasuke twice. Sweet.

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