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Thread: sasuke with MS?

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    not at all but as far as we know itachi wants the eternal MS so he wouldnt kill sasuke yet.. at least sasuke already have the MS

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    I doubt it. He will get it sooner or later though.

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    Was that an advanced strong Genjutsu that Sasuke put Sai in, or was that the same Kinda thing Itachi puts ppl in with his MS(which makes the opponent weak and exhausted after;ex.Kakashi's reaction) but a weaker version? O_o If its not a Genjutsu (illusion), then it might be a soon-to-be MS technique?

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    i think Itachi is willing to take the chance that an imcomplete Sharingan is better than nothing at this point, that and the fact that Sasuke is basically saying, only one of us is leaving this hideout. I dont think Sasuke has the MS yet, but anything is possible like stated earlier. Either way, when it comes time to face Madara, he'll have it then.
    Killer Bee killed Sasuke twice. Sweet.

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