Um, hi. o___o

So. I watched a bit of the anime a long time ago (before it was on Cartoon Network) and kind of liked it, but I was a bit disappointed. After the anime started airing on television here, I decided to watch it out of boredom, and I was still feeling a little let down.

Now, I know from experience how sometimes a manga and its anime counterpart can vary immensely, so I'm wondering, because for some reason I just can't find it in myself to abandon the series altogether, is the manga something I should seriously consider picking up?

Now... I know most of you will be inclined say yes, because this is the Bleach forum, and, duh, that means there's Bleach fans here.

But... I want to know specifically why. From what I've seen, I like the artwork in the manga a bit more, but that's not enough to draw me over. What I'm mainly wondering if there is a significant difference in the plot or anything important like that, and if it's any better than what the anime has to offer.