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    i think bleach is a little bit worthwatching even though its slow, i think that they're going to be stupid and add a winter war arc instead of finishing the battle in hueco arc

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    worth reading, not worth watching.

    whoever made those fillers = FAIL

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    i personally love the manga... but its going really slow right now =P but theres some pretty awesome parts in the storyline ^^

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    Bleach is a solid, if inconsistent read. The manga is definitely worth checking out--while the anime's not exactly terrible, it's better to just skip through most of it by checking out the manga instead. The art in Bleach is good (not particularly great), Kubo Tite's sense of cartooning kinda sucks, and he horribly mistreats his supporting cast, but in the end, despite those flaws, I still follow it because I want to know what happens next.

    When Bleach is good, it's entertaining and oftentimes downright cool--when it's bad, it just plain sucks, and it's very hard to find an intelligent way to put it, because if there's one thing this series sorely lacks, it's intelligence. When One Piece can claim more intelligence than your series (because creativity and cleverness are very different from intelligence) despite what your fans say, we have a problem.

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    It's worth reading, but don't expect to know soon all the questions you'll automatically have while seeing every new mistery in the story, cuz Kubo take his time to reveal everything.

    And the developing of the story is slow (just an advice).

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    I say this is the second best series, right behind Naruto.

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    the plot is getting slow right now but in my opinion, its more satisfying than the anime. the manga is more detailed (eg there's more about the vizards) and its way ahead of the manga. if you don't want to suffer the fillers, just read the manga.

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    Bleach is definitely worth reading. The manga only shows the good part, not the fillers. After reading the manga, you can watch the anime, but only the episodes that are good and that you want to see. Even though Bleach is slow, it's developing into a good story.
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    hhahahaa not telling you
    I love reading Bleach

    Much better than the anime in my opinion

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    I say watch from aroudn 21 onwards to the end of Soul Society arc. NO MORE NO LESS, else you might get burnt

    However reading it is worth it. But the fight scenes aren't as good as the anime. You can be like me and go Hybrid. I watch some and i read some

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