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    I do believe that a master of illusion can change his appearance. Shock ... they have a jutsu for that Henge. So swapping out to look like another person is not too hard. Plus Tsunade looks like she is 30ish but is actually in her 50s. Thats just another wind to sway the sails.

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    It doesn't come out and say he grew up in the village. However I don't know how someone could be considered to be Hokage if he wasn't originally from the village. Nor could he be the leader of root. In my opinion.

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    If Danzou is Madara, then Sai is a secret member of Uchiha clan. Seems clear, duh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitebeard View Post
    I don't recall people remembering his childhood. And you're telling me its impossible for the master of the sharingan to hide his true appearance? Yamato was dressed in a wooden box and called himself Sasori, and you're telling me the master of illusion can't change his eye color? Or maybe he's hiding the eye he stole, since half his face is covered in bandages if you haven't noticed.

    He looks nothing like Danzou? He's as old as the First Hokage, of course his complexion changes. He's not Tsunade.

    He hated the first, and so did Madara. I think Kendoki and I are on to something.
    danzou is as old at the 3rd hokage, not the first.

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    Hate to sound like Captain Obvious, but wouldn't people notice one of their military leaders suddenly leaving the village for extended periods of time with little to no explanation?

    While we're on the subject, how does he manage to re-grow his arm and then sever it again? That's pretty cool.

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    blood is thicker than water. luffy cant swim in water. theres some logic in there
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    Danzou being Madara just sounds very unlikely to me. If Danzou was Madara, why would he send Sai on a secret mission to assassinate Sasuke? That wouldn't make much sense looking back at the recent events.

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    Eh, it was supposed to be funny, I hope, but it wasn't Waffle's Madara funny :/

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    DanZou ordered Sai to assassinate he opposes Madara.

    But I really love to see a rebel inside of Konoha. The time that Tsunade...the last living sannin should give a good example to the new generation.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisss View Post
    danzou is as old at the 3rd hokage, not the first.
    As far as everyone else knows, and they seem to be well informed. Half of Akatsuki didn't know who their leader was, it can't be hard for the ultimate illusion master to fool a bunch of nimrods and old people back at the village. And the third and Danzou did oppose each other. Why wouldn't Madara also go for Hokage? He was originally also in charge of the village. Grew up with the Third? You people are pulling shit out of your ass. How hard is it to have an alibi when you are the Ultimate ninja? And he probably sent Sai to Oro for an unknown reason, which isn't too unbelievable, because we still don't know everything about the series. And its too much of a coincidence, Danzou hating the first....Madara hating the first...

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    what if Danzou is Madara's lil bro and Madara took only one of his eyes, hence the different eyes that are covered up

    Also, Madara looks nothing like Danzou

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