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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevarus View Post
    And as I said before: FEAR!
    So you want some boring streotypes here? Many of the "bad guy" pirates have been feared (Buggy, Arlong, Krieg etc.) in One Piece but Luffys crew hasn't done much to be feared about except beating up other pirates and destroying Enies Lobby.
    Destroying EL might make 'em bit more feared but still people shouldn't have that much reason to fear 'em if they don't do anything to be feared of. Even if they are feared when they enter town it is possible that with their actions they might not be feared anymore. Or the town people asks 'em to leave and they do that cause they aren't real troublemakers.

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    realy boring episode like a filler 487 that is

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    well i'm kinda looking forward to news where the strawhats next destin ation and zoro's condition but all i got to see is mr. satan i mean brooke


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    Naah, I thought that 487 was just a fine piece of work. Nothing boring about that, but u can never please all of 'em.

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Who ever said that this chapter is junk, you have no emotions at all. See, this is one of those reasons why I like One Piece & Oda. Even though there are some weird spots in the chapter, it's so emotional that I can't help but jerk a tear (yeah, I have a soft spot for things like these)! Brooke will join Luffy, Laboon is a giveaway already! Yo-hoho!

    Naruto once had this sort of emotion, but I'm not feeling it on the recent chapters...
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