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    Another great chapter (hi to everyone newbie , since i have been here without posting for many months or years..maybe...dont remember).

    predictions : the strawhats will go to fishman island coz impel down is under the level of the sea and fishman island too..(so if there is a way to enter impel down by indirect should be there.. ).
    a new member may be join show them the way..(with some kind of background story..).
    they will have to fight against..the fisman shichibukai..(for sure). a sort of leader of impel down (maybe an admiral..)

    for dragon..Damz i think he may be a former shichibukai who left..or an ex-member of Gol D roger crew..(but what i'm almost sure (my opinion)) . he's aware of the lost history and the past governement act..(his reason for me to be a revolutionary)
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    i wonder why oda didnt show brooke's face? was sort of obvious hmmmm

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    JuggsGotYa dam that is one impressive avatar! If Franky every had a crew that would defintely get my vote for flag logo! Impressive in its simplicity, haha its great.
    And i want to see Ging again! He promised to meet the strawhats again in the Grand Line so its defintely gonna happen some time in the near future! Hopefully we see more of Ace too in the next chapter or Shanks and Whitebeard for that matter.
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    havent anyone notice that every new mugiwara crew is older than the previous one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcarrey View Post
    havent anyone notice that every new mugiwara crew is older than the previous one?
    Not really.
    1. Luffy himself
    2. Zoro
    3. Usopp
    4. Sanji
    5. Nami (joined for real after Arlong Park)
    (5.5 Vivi)
    6. Chopper
    7. Robin
    8. Franky
    9. Brooke
    Ain't Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji and Nami almost same age and if not, then Zoro would clearly be older than Usopp and Nami. Vivi was about their age too if I'm right.
    Also Chopper is the youngest person in the whole group. Robin -> Franky -> Brooke would seme to go by the age theory but not before 'em.

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    Luffy 17, Zoro 19, Usopp 17, Sanji 19, Nami 18, (Vivi 16), Chopper 15, Robin 28, Franky 34, Brooke (unknown). There doesn't seem to be a pattern to how they gain a new crew member. But there could be, I just haven't put much thought into it.

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    if brooke entered grand line 50 yrs ago, he could be older than gol D roger

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    i hope we dont go back to laboon and brooks does that on his own time......i want to see the next upcoming arc involving ace and what happened

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    Again...did I just forget some manga chapters? Why does Ace have so many fans. I don't recall him being in the series much, or having that much dialog. It'd be like people suddenly to start saying, "Hey I wonder what Igaram is doing right now." I honestly don't care much about him.

    That whole Ace Blackbeard sidetrack bored me. Yes it adds plot for later, but I didn't really add anything to his character. I'd much rather they move on with a new arc and follow the Strawhats.

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    Nr. 1:
    When is 487 coming out?
    Nr 2:
    Please don't make the next 5 chapters a "mini-memory-arc" that makes you cry! (Thinking of the whole Karugara - Norland chapters... God... i cry every time -.-')

    I want fishmen and Mermaids now! Argh! And as I said before: FEAR!

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