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    Another great chapter. A proper way to end Thriller Bark and we got to find out what finally happened to Ace.

    Urk.. But even that kinda sucked.. I guess in my head Ace was always this undefeatable figure in OP and to have him hauled into prison just like that was disappointing. I was hoping that while the world thought Blackbeard killed/defeated Ace, he’s off alive somewhere else.

    On Brooks: I don’t think Oda will return the skin on his body. They have a human cyborg on the crew why not a talking skeleton? Besides, I think it’ll give the crew a wider range of diversity: women, men, animal, cyborg, zombie skeleton… now if they only had an alien and a vampire to complete the collection.

    Haaa-- all jokes aside I like Brooks. I hope he sticks around.

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    hmm yea i guess its most likely that brooks would join the strawhats, after all, on their way back from grandline (if they ever do make it) he would be able to see laboon again. and luffy had been searching for a musician all this while. seems most apt for him to join the crew. rather disappointing to see ace in jail though. hopefully it will develop into something more exciting. it would also be disappointing if zoro is not physically handicapped for at least a while. i would just scream in frustration if he just jumps back up and continues fighting with the strawhat crew =.= face reality, he should have died after taking luffy's pain. he wont be suddenly all healthy so quickly
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    Zoro shoulda died? Wtf is all I have to say about those theories. How many times have people done ridiculous stuff in this show and lived? >_> cripes cut him a break, he's friggin tough and stubborn...and in a cartoon where people get blown up, harpooned, stabbed, lit on fire, electrocuted, etc, and still get back up to fight on because they don't want to give up. Zoro maybe just has a higher threshold for pain than we thought?

    I still don't get the fascination with Ace. He hasn't had that much face time in the manga but people swoon over him. Don't get me wrong, I can't not love a guy that has control over fire and a neat character design...but I'm not excited to see him or wonder where he is all the time.

    Also on the thought of going to free Ace. It wouldn't seem likely, unless they come across anyone that knew about Ace even being in prison and had a reason to mention the situation. Most don't seem to even know he's related to Luffy. Hmmm they don't seem to get the newspaper any more.

    As for Brooke, he'll probably join up for a bit or something. He was a swordsman right? Maybe he'll take over Zoro's role while he's dozin'.

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    Anyone else notice that the picture of Moria's personal servant zombies looked a lot like Wapol and his 2 underlings?

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    I dont wanna see Mugiwara rescuing Ace. They should go to their next destination and where the heck is Impel Down we don't know how far is that from Thriller Bark and they cant travel right there even if they knew where it is they must go from one island to another. Leave Ace rescuing to White Beard its time for Mugiwara to rest and for other character to shine!!!


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    perhaps one of the next few chapters will be the yonkou gathering to discuss the ace problem... i cant see whitebeard asking for help to save him but on the other hand its a pretty major event... an alliance of the yonkou to take back ace and restore the worlds delicate balance...?

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    If all the four Yonkou were to recue Ace from Impel Down I guess the balance of the world would be quite disturbed, not kept, lol.

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    Do you think those Revolutionaries would be in Younkou's side? Or would they irrump as a new side, making 3 great powers (Marine/Government - Younkou - Revolutionaries)?

    Bleh, I want more info about Dragon -_-

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    a few things. Impel down is threw the door of judgement (i think thats the name) from ennis lobby.
    Also, I have my doubts.... The WG has ALWAYS lied after every event to the general population. So maybe ACE wasnt captured and is a sort of trap for Whitebeard or even Luffy. If it were true i do see Luffy going crazy and going str8 for his bro and meeting whitebeard.
    I do think it was unfair from Sanji not to let Luffy hear whet happened. Luffy is the cap, he should know certain things about his members and the sacrifice they have done. He may be childish but as captian, just as Zoro said, thats the burden he has to bear.

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    NO! NO MORE "Battle the government/marine" STUFF!
    I hope they get to a city so Brook can get a wanted-poster and some people start fearing the Mugiwaras! Like real panic!
    "AAaaaah! It's the strawhats! Run!"
    "Oh my god... That's Luffy Strawhat and his crew!"
    *Defeats a pirate or mean-marine*
    Minion to bad guy: Oh my god! It's Strawhat *Bla, bla, bla. I'm so afraid. Bla bla bla!

    You know what i mean! Pirates should be feared, not saluted like in almost every town they've been at.


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