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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosRising View Post
    Name: Akamatsu Mitsusuke

    Race: Vizard

    Trademark moves: itto sunawachi banto, an attack that hits with 10,000 strikes with a single move.
    Itto-ryu, the Itto-ryu exponent waits for the attack to develop, then cuts straight through the center of the enemy’s body and attacking motion, overriding his sword and disrupting the attack before it can be completed.
    He can also absorb others spiritual energy leaving them without strength and negating their demon magic.

    Characteristics/ Habits: Mitsusuke is a loner shunning Shinigami and Vizard alike. He lives in a Shinto temple where he serves as a monk, venturing out only when Hollows threaten the people near his Temple. Having lived in the world of the living since the 1400's he has learned to conceal his spirit energy and is thus not noticed by Shinigami, Vizard or Hollows. He is not in the habit of speaking, however when he does it is usually short and to the point.

    In 1474 Mitsusuke lost his mortal life to a Hollow, however shortly after the transformation to a Hollow he through strength of will ripped the mask from his face becoming a Vizard. As he was a skilled samurai in life his zanpakuto formed as soon as he transformed. He quickly learned his zanpakuto's name (Tengu) and was taught his Shikai and Bankai by Tengu. For the last 600 or so years he has protected his temple and the town surrounding it and has remained "beneath Soul Society's radar" by absorbing the spirit energy of those he has fought.
    Nice touch merging a real samurai and Bleach to give a historical reference and background! I could actually see this one in a OVA or something.

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    He'd be an arrancar, not a vizard, no? :|
    Shinigami -> Hollow Powers = Vizard
    Hollow -> Remove Mask for Shinigami Powers = Arrancar

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    Quote Originally Posted by blud View Post
    He'd be an arrancar, not a vizard, no? :|
    Shinigami -> Hollow Powers = Vizard
    Hollow -> Remove Mask for Shinigami Powers = Arrancar
    Yep you're right...Arrancar not Vizard. Speaking of Vizard, where the hell are they?!! (speaking about the current arc).

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    Yea I guess you have a point, but I was going by the anime in ep. 112 Urahara explained that Vizard were masked solders and Arrancar were hollows who broke their mask. Ichigo turned to a hollow before he became a Vizard, then forcefully removed his mask. I guess it could go either way I just prefer to make him an Vizard Blud.

    Franky, thanks I love Japanese history. If you had looked further the trademark moves are also adapted from kenjitsu waza. Itto sunawachi banto comes from the Ono-ha Itto-ryu school. I thought it fitting as most of the Shinigami in Bleach are samurai. Tengu also applies, Buddhism long held that the tengu were disruptive demons and harbingers of war.

    [[EDIT]] 23-07-07 05:55 PM

    I edited my character, I hope this sets him as a Vizard without any holes or missed points.
    Last edited by ChaosRising; 07-28-2007 at 12:57 AM. Reason: added more backround

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    Name: Jinpu Ryu
    Race: Vizard
    Trademark Moves: Dragon of the Darkness Flame(Yu Yu Hakusho) and all the other cool moves from other anime
    Characteristics: Hardcore Badass

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    Name: LeHigh
    Race: Shinigami
    Trademark Moves: Just going straight and giving random cuts with his sword
    Characteristics: Loves being a Shinigami just because Shinigamis' clothes are cool. Aiming to be a Caiptan 'cuz the Captains' clothes are even cooler. Hate fighting.

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    Mmm Let's see, just for fun

    1.-Albarran Obelisk
    2.-Arrancar (One big, and strong. but serious, something like that bount guy, the one ho had Daraku)
    3.-Grand preassure (a bear-reatsu imbodied hug) Cry of souls ( An illusion type) and for being a bin and strong guy Cero Grande¡¡¡
    4.-A cool ann silent guy. With great sense for honor an justice. He is also very wisdom. Takes a lot to make him angry, but, when he gets, its time to run, because only the preassure of his rieatsu, could finish off most of foes. He also smokes
    5.- A fallen hero of his time, he had lost everything, for being so proud, of his own power, he's all alone and thinks that's better
    *-* Sonr*e, aunque sólo sea una sonrisa triste, porque más triste que la sonrisa triste, es la tristeza de no poder sonre*r *-*

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    1.Aseida Daliroz
    2. Arrancar
    3. Royal hollow flash/ When he releases his Sword He yells "Syphon Thunder god Isis" The Release state glows the eyes with a Electric current that can reach 100000 watts of energy that flows though out the entire body as well the body become hardened to a state at which top speeds can reach up to the speed of light for a short time. Greatest weakness is gained though the short temperness. If His Body become wet only then may the opponent gain the perfect chance to win against him.
    4. he is a Broad figure with Straight Brown hair that reaches about half way down his back. He is a pale figure that looks sorta sickly, shrouded in shadow most of the time spends most of his time studying his prey before he kills is and is more then determined to reach a vasto lord
    5. Born Under Gins Supervision Aseida Daliroz is the right hand of Gin and does all buisness for him now. used to be teamed up with Luppi Before grimmjow killed him, Does not care one bit for any one of the Espada and is more then capable of joining there rankes under Gins command and strives to become one.

    :] as a little more i dreamed up for this character

    Becomes the new 9th espada has the power to be more then 9th but as that is the only rank to be gained at the moment he takes the position,

    Greatest opponent that he could face would be Capt of the 7th Division. Weakest would be the 12th Because of the vast relative knowledge they both possess but Aseida does not have the pride factors of the Capt of the 12th Division.

    Thats all ;]
    iv had time to think this one up.

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    1 god
    2 gg

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    Haha this looks fun...
    uhm if it has to have a related name
    Name: Zizania (both wild and domesticated rice lol)
    Race: Human; Ex-Shinigami
    Trademark Move(s): His zanpakutou is hidden within the neck and head of his guitar. (It's kind of illogical but so is what's next) His blade is not very long but can rearrange its molecules and spirit energy and because of this Zizania can stab his blade into the ground and make it appear anywhere even if it's not in contact with the ground. (somehow it sounds like a bounto, no? but its the best i came up with)
    Characteristics/Hobbies: A man in his late twenties who spends most of his time with books and plays music.
    Short Story: Zizania had originally became a Shinigami because his best friend convinced him to do so. Zizania surpassed his friend and earned seat in the 13th Division. He was sent on a mission one day with his friend. The mission was supposed to be to eliminate many Hollows that were appearing in Karakura Town. However, the mission went wrong and a great amount of Ajuukarus appeared. Both Zizania and his friend were beaten up greatly. His friend died from the battle but Zizania managed to barely survive. His fighting style had deterred and he grew a hatred for Hollows. Zizania did not get many missions and began to argue that he wished to fight more Hollows. He got into a dispute with his Captain and left Soul Society. Vizards had asked for him to join them, but he refused thinking they were no better than Hollows. Living near Karakura Town, Zizania noticed there were many Hollows of great level appeared. Zizania became a Hollow Hunter in the name of his friend. But as time went by Zizania fought for a lost cause and hunted Hollows for the fun of it.
    Um yea kind of a bad ending to his story but w/e

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