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    ...well here

    name:Canine(seriously what goes with wantadog?)

    race: shinigami(his zanpakuto is a wooden blade while it is sealed, but his shikai looks like 2 scimitar like blades with four holes in each blade that slowly turn blue. while in bankai he does not have a weapon and his kimono is bright blue with gold trim and he can make his blade materialize out of thin air, it looks like kenpachi's but its fatter.)(zanpakuto name is simply ookami, which means wolf, bankai is ao ookami which means blue wolf, I know really thought out isn't it=)

    moves: his zanpakuto when it is in its sealed state can copy any attack almost perfectly as long as he's both seen it and understands how it was used. shikai: two blades that can block or deflect any move 8 times(4 for each blade) or 1 hour of fighing in his shikai. bankai: he can control light and can use that as his weapon. it is only limited by his imagination. but his main move is the billion blade barrage...(don't think that needs explaining) he also has a technique that he uses light to move and the longer he uses it the faster he goes able to go up to the speed of light but with the side affect of immense fatigue.

    Characteristics/habits: hes a laid back guy who likes to sleep in trees, tries not to fight whenever possible, is more hyperactive then even Yachiru, and has a habit of giggling and laughing while he fights. he looks like a normal person with blue hair(spiky in bankai) and has blue catlike eyes(irisis are slits...not sure if explain right) hes slim like Ichigo and has a hanatoro face structure...but more badass. he wears blue jeans and a white shirt that has a big yellow smiley on it.

    story: He was a soul wandering with his parents when a hollow showed up and attacked them. Ichigo was currently chasing the hollow and arrived in time to save the child, but the parents were devoured. The shock of seeing it caused his hidden soul reaper power to explode outward creating a huge crater. He was then taken to soul society where he was trained to control it. He was then recruited into the 13 court guard squads and stayed there for a few months until he got bored and escaped to the world of the living. He fought off the soul reapers that were sent to capture him with ease until 3 lieutenant's were sent to capture him. He sensed the soul reapers coming and decided to end it by taking the fight to them. After fighting them in a battle that left him drained and during which he had unlocked his shikai, he collapsed on the side of the road unconscious. He was then found by the lieutenant's he defeated earlier and was taken to soul society. will he escape?...will he learn how to use bankai...will he finally be able to relax for 10 minutes...probably not
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