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Name: Akamatsu Mitsusuke

Race: Vizard

Trademark moves: itto sunawachi banto, an attack that hits with 10,000 strikes with a single move.
Itto-ryu, the Itto-ryu exponent waits for the attack to develop, then cuts straight through the center of the enemy’s body and attacking motion, overriding his sword and disrupting the attack before it can be completed.
He can also absorb others spiritual energy leaving them without strength and negating their demon magic.

Characteristics/ Habits: Mitsusuke is a loner shunning Shinigami and Vizard alike. He lives in a Shinto temple where he serves as a monk, venturing out only when Hollows threaten the people near his Temple. Having lived in the world of the living since the 1400's he has learned to conceal his spirit energy and is thus not noticed by Shinigami, Vizard or Hollows. He is not in the habit of speaking, however when he does it is usually short and to the point.

In 1474 Mitsusuke lost his mortal life to a Hollow, however shortly after the transformation to a Hollow he through strength of will ripped the mask from his face becoming a Vizard. As he was a skilled samurai in life his zanpakuto formed as soon as he transformed. He quickly learned his zanpakuto's name (Tengu) and was taught his Shikai and Bankai by Tengu. For the last 600 or so years he has protected his temple and the town surrounding it and has remained "beneath Soul Society's radar" by absorbing the spirit energy of those he has fought.
Nice touch merging a real samurai and Bleach to give a historical reference and background! I could actually see this one in a OVA or something.