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    Create your own bleach character

    Lets create our own bleach characters.

    1. It must have a name (related to your mangashare username in some way)
    2. Must state whether it is Vizard, Hollow, Shinigami, Quincy, Bounto (no new races)
    3. Explain their trademark moves (no too over the top/ dominating ones)
    4. Characteristics/ Habits
    5. A nice short story to tie him to earth

    6. Picture (your own creation)
    7. Other comments (relations)

    Then add it to your signature!!!

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    Alright, I guess I'll play along.

    Name: Fallen ( Nickname )
    Race: Human ( Human isn't new >.> )
    Powers: None
    Occupation: Student
    Usefulness: 0%

    I win.

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    Sounds fun...


    Life is just too short to be picky...

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    name haru gai
    race vizard
    trade mark moves 1 hit is 1000 painful slashes, cero , and a secret move
    charecteristics smart cool good looking has a nice personality but also hates people sometimes loves to kill and fight and showing of

    habits killing listening to music fighting and looking cool

    name of sword ichikage bankai name ichikaze no tsukai

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    o harus the first name

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    Name: Jehoshuah Septoinferi
    Race: Espada
    Trademark moves: Time travel. However very complicated to do and must need intense concentration. Also limited uses. May be avoided by ultra-fast reactions.
    Characteristics / Habits: Pissing the enemy when he blasts classical music with his IPod while owning them.

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    name: Jiino (my name in japanese lol)..
    race: vastolorde
    charasteristics: demonic looking eyes (his eyes look very dangerous and are full of killing intent) .. steaming breath with drool dripping out it's mouth..his mask looks really dangerous(while he is a vastolorde, it actually is its face) has a huge apetite for thick souls.. mercyless and kills without hestitation.. never breaks a promise.. doesnt like hollows that like to show off.. never quits a goal he made.. respectfull and honourfull personality.. very good at observing..

    notes: .. works together with a female vastolorde (they see eachother as friends and are willing to sacrifice themselves for eachother).. is able to regenerate his head after being slashed with zanpakutou..

    trademarked moves: hand to hand combat with the ability of embedding cero's anywhere in his body, so he slashes with his claws or tail with an embedded cero which causes severe damage.. uses space manipulation.. and prefers flying and running at speeds over 400kmph during combat (he doesnt like stuff like flashsteps or sonido and stuff.. only uses that when needed..)
    furthers moves unknown

    storyline: was a respected freshman student in highschool and a sucessor of a ancient japanese traditional family and was greatly skilled at variable martial arts.. and was liked by the people in his town.. until the day his girlfriend got raped and killed during a bank robbery, while that happened he went mad and due to the spiritual pressure his soul reacted by this massive amount of hatred and pressure which caused his soul chain to crumble while being alive.. and changed into a hollow.. not just a ordinary hollow.. a hollow with a freaking huge lust for killing.. especially towards people who mistreat females.. his body in the bank just vanished into thin air because of the pressure and there stood the hollow.. and he killed every single last of the robbery team eating them alive and torturing them.. left the hostages alive and went to hueco mundo..

    he continued hunting souls and humans in the normal world who mistreated woman.. and also killed countless others while he had an incredible lust for souls.. at his normal hollow level he even managed to survive battles against several high leveled shinigami.. he was feared by alot of shinigami since his bloodlust was insanely huge..

    he gained lust for other hollows.. and later became one of those gillian with a consiousness of himself.. and continued eating menos..

    while being a adjuchas lvl menos at the time.. he went searching for more hollows.. and accidently comes across a area with some dangerous vastolorde.. the female vastolorde was watching from a distance..

    the vastolorde (4 of them) were kinda irritated by his arrival and his creepy eyes.. so they started to attack him.. his killing intent and his charasteristic nature of never giving up made him victorious and caused him to evolve into a vastolorde.. while evolving another vastolorde appeared (Noitora) and was going to attack him.. the female vastolorde jumped out and deflected his attacks.. noitora didnt understand why she did that.. apparently she was interested in Jiino his powers.. noitora left because (stark) in vastolorde form took him away.. the female and Jiino joined forces..

    together they will soon be changed into arrancars by aizen.. with the fully unleashed powers of the hougokyou..

    (but.. what will happen.. since the espada's treated orihime badly.. and will he be able to control his lust of eating towards them?..)

    i dunno.. it's just some little game on the forums and this is


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    lol gin0va, you sure gave this alot of thought.
    Love is painful for those that do not understand it.

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    uh... yea i know.. i kinda have alot of fantasy.. xD

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    Name: Akamatsu Mitsusuke

    Race: Vizard

    Trademark moves: itto sunawachi banto, an attack that hits with 10,000 strikes with a single move.
    Itto-ryu, the Itto-ryu exponent waits for the attack to develop, then cuts straight through the center of the enemy’s body and attacking motion, overriding his sword disrupting the attack before it can be completed and sending our an intense blast of spirit energy.
    He can also absorb others spiritual energy leaving them without strength and negating their demon magic.

    Characteristics/ Habits: Mitsusuke is a loner shunning Shinigami, Vizard and Quincy alike. He lives in a Shinto temple where he serves as a monk, venturing out only when Hollows threaten the people near his Temple. Having lived in the world of the living since the 1400's he has learned to conceal his spirit energy and is thus not noticed by Shinigami, Vizard or Hollows. He is not in the habit of speaking, however when he does it is usually short and to the point.

    In 1474 Mitsusuke lost his mortal life to a Hollow, however during the transformation to a Hollow he through strength of will ripped the forming mask from his face. Screaming the name of his katana in life his zampakto formed in his hand in the shape of his ancestral weapon. He then becoming a Vizard.

    As he was a skilled samurai in life he began to battle hollows whenever he could sense them. Since he already knew his zanpakuto's name Tengu materialized quickly. He was then taught his Shikai and Bankai by Tengu. For the last 600 or so years he has protected his temple and the town surrounding it and has remained "beneath Soul Society's radar" by absorbing the spirit energy of those he has fought.
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