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    ...well here

    name:Canine(seriously what goes with wantadog?)

    race: shinigami(his zanpakuto is a wooden blade while it is sealed, but his shikai looks like 2 scimitar like blades with four holes in each blade that slowly turn blue. while in bankai he does not have a weapon and his kimono is bright blue with gold trim and he can make his blade materialize out of thin air, it looks like kenpachi's but its fatter.)(zanpakuto name is simply ookami, which means wolf, bankai is ao ookami which means blue wolf, I know really thought out isn't it=)

    moves: his zanpakuto when it is in its sealed state can copy any attack almost perfectly as long as he's both seen it and understands how it was used. shikai: two blades that can block or deflect any move 8 times(4 for each blade) or 1 hour of fighing in his shikai. bankai: he can control light and can use that as his weapon. it is only limited by his imagination. but his main move is the billion blade barrage...(don't think that needs explaining) he also has a technique that he uses light to move and the longer he uses it the faster he goes able to go up to the speed of light but with the side affect of immense fatigue.

    Characteristics/habits: hes a laid back guy who likes to sleep in trees, tries not to fight whenever possible, is more hyperactive then even Yachiru, and has a habit of giggling and laughing while he fights. he looks like a normal person with blue hair(spiky in bankai) and has blue catlike eyes(irisis are slits...not sure if explain right) hes slim like Ichigo and has a hanatoro face structure...but more badass. he wears blue jeans and a white shirt that has a big yellow smiley on it.

    story: He was a soul wandering with his parents when a hollow showed up and attacked them. Ichigo was currently chasing the hollow and arrived in time to save the child, but the parents were devoured. The shock of seeing it caused his hidden soul reaper power to explode outward creating a huge crater. He was then taken to soul society where he was trained to control it. He was then recruited into the 13 court guard squads and stayed there for a few months until he got bored and escaped to the world of the living. He fought off the soul reapers that were sent to capture him with ease until 3 lieutenant's were sent to capture him. He sensed the soul reapers coming and decided to end it by taking the fight to them. After fighting them in a battle that left him drained and during which he had unlocked his shikai, he collapsed on the side of the road unconscious. He was then found by the lieutenant's he defeated earlier and was taken to soul society. will he escape?...will he learn how to use bankai...will he finally be able to relax for 10 minutes...probably not
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    my bleach character

    Name: Toradoshi

    Age: 14

    Race: Human(with special powers)

    Abilities: Ryu Kiba(dragon fang)
    Ryu Kiba is a long, red reshi sword that Toradoshi can summon at any time(to people, its a wooden sword).
    Ryu Kiba has many powers, It can slash at his foes like Ichigo's Tetsugatensho, but is weaker and red, It also can create a reshi shield(more like a box) that can block most ceros(up to a Gillions cero) and kidos(up to level 40).
    Toradoshi can also go haywire if he uses Ryu Kiba for more than 10 min., what happens is that a red barrier surrounds him, and it shoots his reshi at whoever is within 20 ft of him(no matter if they can see or not)(this lasts for more than 10 sec), after that,it shows him with a unstable Ryu Kiba and a red cloak, hiding its face. He attacks at anyone who has a weapon, or whoever hits him. He is immune to any kido or cero. The only way to stop him is to knock him out, or to kill him.

    Looks: Untidy, brown hair, sea green eyes, skinny, wears a red T-shirt and blue jeans(usually), and almost always has a smile on his face.

    Characteristics: He is calm and sarcastic unless he is in combat, alone, or something bad happened in his family.

    Likes/Dislikes: likes cats, games, and peace. Dislikes battles(even tho hes gets in some on purpose), loneliness, and death

    Arch enemy: none(he is OK with most people, but does get into arguments with some)

    Friends: Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Uryu, Renji(forgets his name), and Toshiro(even though they get into a lot of arguments)

    History: Born in Karrakura Town, he spent most of his time alone by the river, Untill Ichigo(age 9) saw me and talked.
    We talked many times until a hallow attacked me. I was badly injured, but someone,dressed in black, picked me up and got me to the hospital. When I got out, I never left my room. For 8 years, i never left my room, Until the same hallow crashed through the wall and attacked me. He chased me to the park, then i tripped, and the hallow attacked. Then a red sword popped into my hand. I called it Ryu Kiba, for resmbling a dragons fang. When I named it, it shot out a red strike that destroyed the hallow, i passed out of course, and my adventure begins.

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    Name: Hikari Kurosaki
    Race: Shinigami/Hollow
    Abilities: Can use shadows to fight for him, but none of the Shinigami's powers work for him. He does have the Hollow's Cero atttack.
    Appearance: Orange hair, light blue eyes, traditional Shinigami and Hollow uniform. In hollow form, his mask covers left mouth, nose, and forehead. He has the number 0 tattooed on his chest.
    Characteristics: Varies from which side he's on.
    Arch enemy: Captain Mayuri, and Nnoitra
    Friends: Grimmjow, Nelliel, Ulquiorra, Momo, Hitsugaya, Shuhei, Orihime, and Ichigo
    History: Not much is know about him, but multiple reports are about his past. Aizen says Hikari is a creation of the Ultimate Arrancar. Hitsugaya says he died in Ichigo's mother womb and was taken to the soul society by Aizen. He is captured by Aizen who turns him into a hallow.

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    Me in Bleach

    Name: Thanatos

    Race: Visored, Half arrancar and half shinigami, Caucasian

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Height: 180 cm

    Weight: 74 Kg

    Face: Slender face and always smiling.

    Build: Like final Getsuga Tenshou

    Hair: Like final Getsuga Tenshou, Color: dark blue with silver stripes.

    Eyes: Full colored dark blue.

    Personality: An enjoyer of life, loves good food and drinks, enjoy driving fast on his motorcycle, prefer to be alone. He does not wish to fight anymore, but when he fights he shows no feelings at all.

    The love of Thanatos life: The Spirit of his Zanpaktou.

    Affiliation: None

    Previous affiliation: Soul Society, Kido Corps, Royal Guard.

    Previous rank: Captain of the Royal Guard.

    Mask: Like this ( just dark blue, and no gem, and mouth is like Tia Halibels mask with longer and shaper teeth in silver.

    Back: An ever changing tattoo of the night sky, surrounded by dark angel wings.
    Tongue: 魂 (soul)

    Clothes: A long black leather coat, black pants, and black leather boots.

    Power and Abilities: Kido Master, Hakuda Master, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Agility, Extreme Speed, Immense Spiritual Energy (dark blue, silver glow), Zanjutsu Master, Shunpo Master, Keen Intellect.

    Self-made Kidos based on sound.

    Cero: Dark blue, fast, can fire from hands and feet.

    Gran Rey Cero: Dark blue, can fire from hands.

    Name of Zanpaktou: Angel of The Night (Naito no Tenshi).

    In sealed state: A dark blue ring with silver runes.

    Shikai: (Release command: Watch over me my Angel of The Night) Turns in to 5 feet long dark blue katana( the point is like Ichigos new Bankai) with silver runes above the edge, the handle is like Benihimes just dark blue, the cross-guard is like to dark angel wings surrounding the blade.

    Shikai Abilities: Energy waves, the blade can pass through objects without harming (if Thanatos chooses so), can give the opponent a feeling of extreme fear, can eat the soul of beings upon their death and make her and Thanatos stronger.

    Bankai name: Angel of The Midnight (Middonaito no Tenshi)

    Bankai: (Release command: Embrace me, my beloved Angel of The Midnight) The tattooed wings become real and they are enormous, the tattoo of the night sky cover the hole body and Thanatos’ eyes shine like stars. He keeps the sword.
    Bankai Abilities: Empower Thanatos extremely, give Thanatos body the same abilities as the sword (the feeling of fear is felt in the weight of extreme titan like energy), flight.

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    reiatsu color: dark purple and bright red

    characteristics:6'1 jet black hair darkish skin not to much muscle wears a capain robe exept black and gray with no sleeve's, usualy wears either color full weird bright colors (exept captain robe) or wears black, dark red and purple has a white chain for a belt, his hollow mask looks like the front of a skull with very big and sharp teeth and a purple stripe below his right eye stretching to his teeth his eyes turn black and VERY bright red that will glow and his pupil turns white on both sides of the mask there are horns kinda like inner ichigo's

    habits: gets hungry very often, has long drawn out battles for more blood shed and fun, finish's the fight as soon as possible if it's not worth it, isnt fun, or a friend needs help, will protect friends a best as possible

    trademark moves: fox tactic launch's a ball of energy that explodes and blinds the enemy for a short amount of time just enough time to hide,
    full assault launch's low density energy balls rapidly mainly to distract or disarm the enemy, hydra cero shoots a cero that when close to the enemy breaks into 10 cero's makeing the cero's hard to dodge even with sindo but the cero's are weak, eternal lock
    shoots blades of reiatsu at all the enemy's joints to trap them in one place,
    tears of a demon is when he touches 2 fingers to the stripe on his mask that then the stripe starts to glow and he then can shoot 1 ball of reiatsu that will make massive explosion that can stretch to the sky and is much more deadly then any cero the recoil will launch him back words and the shock wave of the blast will knock everyone down for a mile around unless the person has a very big amount of spiritual pressure this can only be used once every 3 or so days.

    zanpakuto: great demon
    shikai: awaken great demon: great demon will materialize and help fight
    rip everything in your path great demon : the hilt has 2 blades and if a weapon is locked in the middle of the 2 blades it is broken.
    bankai: great demon of eternal darkness
    stage 1 is a scyth on a chain linked to a sword that splits half way down the blade into 2 blades wich can launch balls of energy at very fast speeds and at a very fast rate
    stage 2 the weapon turns into 2 energy balls red for offence and green for defence and when touched make a invisible wall that redirects attacks and when thrown the red ball of energy make a massive explosion and then regenirates in his hand
    stage 3 final: great demon of forbidden darkness: finally the energy balls turn into one ball of pure reiatsu that doesnt have to be thrown it will launch gran rey cero that will split into 10, when swung like a sword the reiatsu ball will release a massive wave of energy kinda like getsuga tensho , the ball can take the form of a sword a scyth or any other weapon or just a ball of reiatsu, the reiatsu ball is pure black

    shadow was once captian of squad 11 in the soul society when ambushed by hundreds of hollows a vasto lorde attempted to kill him but failed and fused with him the massive amount of spiritual pressure made killed all hollows and soul reapers in the battle field it took years to finally tame his hollow

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