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    wow, just wow. Kubo might as well go ahead and use your character, that's all I gotta say.

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    lol roku

    My Bleach character would be a hot chick that strips every episode.

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    name: The Spirit King (霊王, Reiō; Viz "Soul King") lol :p

    race: shinagami

    Brief history
    he is the son of the current soul king and he is next in line for the throne. He always had the flare, understanding and power a King should have at a young age, age 3 to be precise during a royal excursion through the city of rukongai he saw something that appeared to be a balloon he then followed the balloon to the dark forest on the out skirts of rukongai the royal guards protecting the young prince had not noticed his absence. Being alone in the cold and dark frightening forest made the young prince cry he's tears where emitting reiatsu which then plagued the area with an attractive aroma for menos grande. Meanwhile the king had sent all out for the search of his beloved son, due to the state of emergency the 12th squad institute for science and research current captain (kiskue urruhara) spotted an increased amount of menos grande in the dark forest area and sent his vice captain (kurosotchi mayuri) and lieutenant (hiyori) to sort out the situation. Upon arrival with their very own 2 eyes what they witnessed the young prince do with his own two hands was unthinkable, the young prince had deflected away a cero to kill 1 menos grande and had another in his arms as if it was a rag doll. after digesting what was going on mayuri and hiyori quickly dispatched the remainder menos grande and took him to the royal quard (former 12th division captain) when asked where they found him they replied in a pool with a balloon. no one else knows of this story apart from uruharra who had followed them so he could analyse their ability in combat and he too was amazed.

    But in later years at age 15 he was proving to be a great warrior being able to fight 1 of 1 with some royal guards. Currently he is his father's personal guard seeing as his father is very ill, he also makes decisions for soul society.

    he is an excellent swords man who has been prominent in the arts of kendo and fencing. he learnt the style of jeet kon do and various mma fighting styles master of ninjutsu. he is quite nimble, he's shunpo is fast but if he wanted it could be a lot faster.

    Zanpakuto & Zanpakuto Abilities

    for its abilities and features check this

    likes and dislikes
    enjoys playing siretti version of call of duty & fifa
    enjoys being surrounded by beautiful women
    enjoys playing shinigami style football (soccer)

    hates being disobeyed by underlings
    hates to have to use shinkai/bankai
    hates disrespect period.
    hates ugly people
    hates fattys
    hates noobs.

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    Originally Posted by halaros536
    shut up you weakling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are just angry because i didnt let you became my SERVANT!!!!!! but icould not accept that because you are too weak to be my servant sorry

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    Name: Noriko
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Shinigami
    Abilities: I’m not sure yet, but the Zanpakuto is a dagger

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    Name: Yukari Hayashi

    Race: Shinigami

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15 (Human-Wise, Not a good judge of Shinigami age ^_^')

    Trademark moves: A master of Kidō. Zanpakuto name is Shi no Ishi (Death's will) a normal Katana, when released into Shikai it has the distinct form of a scythe. Shikai power(s):Rakurai: fires a concentrated bolt of lightning. Kurayami: Engulfs the battlefield in darkness concealing the user's spirit energy and blinding anyone inside the area. Bankai: Shi no aruji wa watashi ni anata no chikara o kasu!, releases the Shi no Ishi into two seperate blades and gives Yukari a black cloak (resembling that of a traditional Shinigami). Bankai powers: Yami to hitotsu ni na~tsu: Summon's an avatar of pure darkness to take form and do her bidding. Arashi: Summon's a powerful storm with rain and lightning able to strike her foes down with the lightning at a whim.

    Characteristics/Habits: Very interested in humans and their life, also secretly admires Ichigo Kurasaki. Child prodigy, able to effortlessly use most Kidō attacks, relentlessly compassionate and stubborn, Candidate for the Stealth Force.

    Story: Born into the 64th district of Rukongai, showed herself to be a prodigy when she was pushed to join the Soul Reaper academy at a young age, laughed at early on, She graduated at the head of all her classes making her the youngest Soul Reaper to make one of the 13 Court Guard squads (4th Position, Squad 6) Has a strong friendship with Momo Hinamori. Known to openly question lieutenants or even captains if she doesn't agree with their decisions (i.e. Rukia Kuchiki's execution). Also known to go to the human world without permission often for foolish reasons such as visiting Ichigo, or even shopping for human clothes, often looked down upon for this but not many have the courage to speak their minds about it. Friends with Ururu Tsumugiya, often visits her at Kisuke Uruhara's shop
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    Alot of these are pretty good, and here's my stab at it.

    Name: Bunkatsu Tsu (Tsu is the last name, means literally "Divided One")
    Age: 76years old, appears to be 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Shinigami

    Likes: History, cold things in general, Sparring, the ladies
    Dislikes: Being looked down on, 12th divisions - particularly its Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi


    Zanpakuto Name - Cenitfidous (Latin for "Divided into a hundred parts")

    Shikai - Open your eyes and gaze upon my enimes, Awake Centifidous!!

    effect 1 - I would have hyped senses and movement speed(more so then normal shikai gives), it would amp him about 5times stronger.
    effect 2 - the 'power' would be giving a 3rd eye giving him greater awareness of reiatsu and overall increase battle perception, this way he could know when/if the opponent was gonna launch a blast attack or was powering up/down, also it would help if they did a flash step to jump closer to him.

    *details - The sword would remain the size of a regular zanpakuto while in shikai = the blade would remain the same with the hilt turning slightly purple, the 3rd eye would appear on the hilt of the sword.

    Bankai - One into a Hundred, Hundred into One, We are Centifidous!!!

    effect 1 -The zanpakuto would materialize, creating a clone of myself(both clones with a zanpakuto) , however he would not gain a 3rd eye, instead both the clone and myself would have the same pair of eyes (meaning we would see the same thing as the other at the same time),
    effect 2 -fighting ability (speed/power) would be ampt 20x his power in shikai, this would stack with his regular abilities, and both clones would get the amped ability
    effect 3 - he would split into 100 clones, however 98 of them would be hallucinations - all 100 parts would give off the same reiatsu, he and his materialized Zanpakuto would be able to swap places with any of the clones at any given time (the hallucination clones could not actually touch anything, they'd be like ghosts - however they would be able to move independently)

    *description - His sword would remain the size of a normal zanpakuto - the blade would turn white with the hilt becoming a deep purple, he would have no special blast attacks.

    Never really cared too much about Kido, has never shown ability to use one above level 30, however when asked he does say he can "see how it would help", Only originally joined the The Gotei 13 because of the reputation to get girls plus there had been peace for some time it wasn't so dangerous.

    However, after 15 years of being in the 8th Division keeping a low profile got boring, having only spoken to his Zanpakuto a small number of times he decided to stop playing it safe and try to move up the ladder, however as fortune has it he's been branded 'fodder' and is rarely sent to see any real action.
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    (first off, i have like 15+ charatars i have made [then theres over 15 different "types" of cero, groups, bankias/release forms,and over 100 small and pointless charatars. But heres the main one)

    Mason (i cant speek japaness)
    Moves Sankia (speller error): Time
    Shine light form 6am-6pm, then Rise Darkness from 6 pm- 6 am
    Shine Light: lvl 1, its just a light beam the destoies anyting in it (enought force and spirit power will brake free) [can only be active durn Rise darkness]
    Lvl 2, is like lvl, just harder to brake free and desoves things faster (durnign Shine Light it starts at this lvl, and during Rise Darkness it has to manuly acvated.
    Lvl 3, Has to be manuly actavated during Shine Light, but gets Light ropes to come out and raps around the Foe, letting you controle there body
    Lvl 4, Only active during Shine Light, and have to say "The one who screams away darkness, The one who shines brightest during day, SHINE LIGHT." Then your body is covered with armor that is nearly impossable to scrach, and can repair its self.
    Lvl 5, dosest matter what day, and is his Zanpkauto manfested form, and only takes that way on day of lune and solar ecipes.

    Rise Darkness lvl 1, look like ichgos attack, but blinds the person, only active during shine light
    lvl 2, same as lvl 1, but takes all the sences (and to sence spirit power) but touch. It already there in rise darkness, but has to be manuly activated in shine light
    lvl 3, while lvl 2 is active, mason snaps his frings and strands come out of no were and suck the foes spirit power.
    lvl 4, just like lvl 4 for Shine Light, but only active during Rise Darkness
    lvl 5, EXCTA (spelling) SAME THING AS SHINE LIGHT

    Bankia Sword turns into blue petals, and freezes all time, but the people who is looking at him. It alows him to create anything out of his mind that he thinks of, but has to pratice at it to get it to build right, or it will put a strain on him.

    Charateristics: loves to be with his squad (was apoined leader of squad 5, will be explained) but also shy, and quiet. Can be seen by humans, and alows ANYTHING he stikes to be seen as well (if already spuit)

    History (why he is tied to earth): Born as a sole reaper, but the arrcars kill his parents and took him in (the felt evil with-in him), the raised him to the age of 5 (but for him, 500, as his ansters aged every 100 years). When he killed espada 9 with his bear hands, they tried to kill him, but he excaped and hid in karakura town. At the age os 6 (651 years) he started to turn into a hollow, and vizards (not the ones now) took him in and trained him, after about 330 years, Mason killed them off and became the last known vizard. AT about age of 10, the squad leader 3 (a newly vizard) went to him to kill him to show she is worthy (how she know he was there and his power atm is unknown), but fell in love and stayed. After 200 years (now he is age of 12) The squad leader tried to kill him, but was blined at his ture power, then he badly damaged her, then negative espoad 10 (negative espoda is the espoda that only negative sole reapers can kill, of corse, mason is 1/30 one, but still can kill, how ever, normal sole reapers can damage to the point of death, but they wont die) and killed the lady. She told him to check the barn that they lived in and saw 2 babies, male and female. He then went to the sole scuity and gave the female to a noble clan, and gave the male to squad 4 and went under cover. 100 years later (his babies were ages 12, they grew faster then him) and cosed teroer across the sole scuity. After beating squad 9 captain (heugia, spelling error) they let him in and was put as captain. To they day they want to kill him, but are afrade as he could take them all down just with a flick of his finger.

    (for questions please send mail to, and yes, all made up, and most tought of in 1 day, rest was edited later)

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    name:akatsuki futo
    shikai realese: tie to the ground shishijino
    shikai abbilitie: summons fine lines of string even a touch can cut through a sword, low speed high dmg
    bankai release: lock away shishijino
    bankai abbilitie: summons a nest of fine string notmuch movement alot of damage and incredably hard to get through
    occupation: lietenant of squad 13
    background: akatsuki futo grou up in the slums of district 78 with renji and rukia. when they left it oppened a hole in his heart that nothing could fill so he started training every day and every knight until he was strong enought to join the academy he quickly rose to be the best in his year and eventualy learned how to use his shikai he then mastered it very quickly and joined the 13 court guard under the rule of ukitake he then rose through the ranks and became lietenant he then had already mastered his bankai. when the arrancar came he met his end against coyyote stark and had fulfilled his juty as a member of the 13 court guard squads
    age of death: 21
    apearance: short brown hair and blue eyes
    likes: fire, wire, green
    dislikes: rain, water, blue
    crush: momo
    arch enemie: toshiro hitsugaya
    best friends: rukia, renji

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    soz for all the spelling mistakes

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    There is something called "spell check" that most browsers come with. Very handy.
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