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    Ok, here's my Bleach char design. I'm pretty good at these, so grab something that's rooted to the ground and brace for pwnsome impact...

    Name:Hien Tsurugi (I know it doesn't have anything to do with my name, but read on...)
    Likes:Naps, Reading, Drinking Sake (he's able to put even Rangiku and Shunsui under the table), his friends, who he'd die to protect
    Dislikes:Hangovers(due to near-constant drinking contests with Rangiku and Shunsui), and anyone who attempts to harm his friends
    Race:Shinigami, Captain of the 14th Division(see my list of groups for info on Division 14)
    Zanpakuto:Haganemaru(Fullmetal) HA! That's my name reference, btw, and another one...(read on for more info)
    Story: A lowly 3rd Seat of 8th Division, Hien was tired of always being mocked for his weak abilities(he couldn't Shunpo further than a few yards at a time). One day, though, a powerful Hollow breaks into the Seireitei, and one of the more evil bullies tells him that the Captain (who Hien is very loyal to) gave Hien orders to go kill the Hollow. This was a lie. Hien goes to face the Hollow by himself, and gets nearly impaled (It's a bull-like Hollow) on its' horns. He manages to dodge one or two blows, but trips and is unable to defend himself from the Bull's next attack. His friend Shun Tomogaki runs in and takes the blow, which is fatal. As Shun lays dying in Hien's arms, he gives Hien his Zanpakuto, which he (Shun) couldn't use for lack of Reiatsu Control. His final words, "Never forget...Those who are...Important...Protect them with...Your life..." ring in Hien's ears as he puts his weaknesses aside and whips out his own Zanpakuto, in addition to Shun's, and slays the beast in one strike(It WAS a Hollow, after all...)

    Days later, Yamamoto notices an eerie presence growing more powerful in the southern parts of the Seireitei. He creates a new Division of the Gotei, and appoints Hien its' leader. Hien, along with his Lieutenant Ayame Shunzaki, go to investigate the odd aura, not knowing the danger in store...(to be continued in 14th Division: A Bleach Fanclub!)

    Abilities:Wields 2 Zanpakuto(Not like Jushiro or Shunsui, who only wield Zanpakuto that BECOME two) at once, one being his own, and the other being his deceased friend Shun's. He knows his own Zanpakuto's Bankai, but is still mastering Shun's Zanpakuto's Bankai. He's also proficient in other fighting arts, such as Kido and Hakuda, but his Shunpo still needs work, so he sometimes takes lessons from Soi Fon.

    Zanpakuto 1(Hien's):Haganemaru(Fullmetal)
    Zanpakuto 2:(Shun's):Shirakiri no Senrei (White Mist of 1000 Spirits)
    Shikai Commands: Mould(Haganemaru) and Cascade(Shirakiri no Senrei)

    Zanpakuto Spirits:Haganemaru(giant silver orb with a deep voice) and Shirakiri no Senrei(large moth with misty wings and a female's head)

    Haganemaru's abilities In Shikai:The blade melts around Hien's arms and hardens, turning his arms to solid steel, which he can morph into any shape he wishes, and still maintain the hardness of steel.
    Haganemaru's Bankai:Kurotsuchikiri no Haganemaru(Black Iron Mist Fullmetal)
    Haganemaru's Bankai abilities:The metal around Hien's arms spreads to cover his entire body, turning him into a living metal warrior. It also turns jet-black. Base abilities remain the same, with only one new trick. In Bankai, Hien can 'sweat' small dustlike flecks of his armor, giving off a black 'mist' of metal, which he can still control for attack or defense purposes.

    Shirakiri no Senrei's Shikai abilities:The blade turns a bright white, and can suck an enemy's life energy with each blow

    Character-specific abilities:Reiko Taiho(Spirit Wave Cannon):Hien's answer to the Gran Rey Cero, basically. He learns this ability during his Shikai training. He morphs his left hand into a cannon-like shape, and his right one into a Reiki siphoning device, and uses them in tandem for a large blast of bright yellow energy that destroys anything in its' path.

    Appearance:5'9, blue eyes, medium-length brown hair slicked back, and pale skin. Wears a normal Captain's Haori jacket, with the usual Shinigami uniform underneath it, except he wears a shinigami keikougi(the lack over-robe) without sleeves, and white under-robes with sleeves. His Haori is also sleeveless. He wears his two Zanpakuto much like a Samurai would wear their two swords.

    Personality:Quiet, calm, and cynical.
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    Lol thats jokes aight ill play too! kind of a fun thread

    name: Itachi Kami
    Race: Human
    Trademark: Lets say the sharingan (i love that stuff)
    what can teh sharingan do?
    1 - see oponents moves before they come
    2 - Copy all kidous and perfect them (or any other technique that is not bloodline related) But zambaktou are bloodline so i guess all kidou...
    3 - can see the color of all kidou or ki, so can see moves before they come, knows which kidou or spell teh opponent is bringing
    4 - Can do illusions such as trap someone is a illusionary world, or make things appear that are not there... Like make someone fight nothing, while the opponent thinks its the end of the fight he is dead tired and is hurt from the illusions, then he realises he didnt fight nothing, then my character finishes him off...
    5 - sees and can fight shinigami
    6 - can make wings appear from his back, (angel like) to fly!

    His eyes are normaly brown. But once activating this sharingan, they go red, and a black cercle in the middle with cross like tick black lines..

    Trademarks: 1 - his eyes can cast a blue fire that burns for 7 days and 7 nights... (the reason its blue is that its so cold that it burns!) this happens just by looking at a person and follows in less than a fraction of a second.
    2- transport the enemy to a world where he controsl everything, to make him suffer, like a superior illution where the pain is real
    3 - a mode where even a vizard cant keep up wioth his speed, stregith or anythign

    all these 3 moves drain him... cant do #3 more than once a day
    #1 also drains the hell out of his eyes...

    Personallity: A ninja, who likes and wants to date yoroichi... He is 20 year old, obviously younger than yoroichi, but like chad and inoue can be known in the soul society... He is calm, clear headed, never screams, and is honest... ALso insanely intelligent, also can tell someones plan, in a second, and due to his technique or perceving illusions, would ahve known abotu aizen plan... he fights for peace, and for his love yoroichi! (she is hot!) so has emotions, and the talent to save alot of people... Also uses a sword that can go through any solids, like u cant block his sword attack with a zambakto, u need to stop his arm movement... and can put elemental kido though his sword! (katana shape kindof like ichigo bankai sword!) A genious!

    i know it ressembles itachi from naruto alot, but hey! he is really cool, him and sasuke

    Itachi and Sasuke are my favorite characters ever created in a anime.

    "Thank you to all the writers, drawers and translator that brings us a new Naruto chapter every week. I thank you all, for all your hard work. It is in my opinion the best anime serie ever created. Domo Arigato gosaimasu! Jamata Raishu!"

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    Name: Roderick "Black Somba" Shihōin

    Race: Shinigami

    Trademark Move(s):
    zanpakutō (Garra de Lobo)
    Desgarro Agudo: Slices the air creating 3 wind blades from his zanpakuto's blade capable of slicing steel
    Filtración de Sangre: Any blood that falls on his blade is reformed into spirit particles, healing Roderick's wounds.

    zanpakutō appearance: Dual-Gladius swords with jagged edges, tinted yellow

    Bankai (Estómago de Lobo)
    Alacridad Intensa: Increases Roderick's movement speed and quickness by 1000% while also putting his body on massive stress, weakening him afterwards or even kill if used to much at a time.
    Filtración de Sangre:
    Desgarro Agudo:

    Colmillo Rápido: Spirit particles swirl violently around one of Roderick's hands creating a devastating tornado-like object around his hand capable of shredding things to pieces easily. Can cause severe damage if punched with & easily death if fist is on the enemy's body for a few seconds.

    Bankai appearance: Two-Gauntlet gloves covering his wrists & top of his hand each having 3 5-inche claws coming out of the knuckles. Have several markings with the top resembling a wolf head. Colored a dark gray

    Powers & Abilities:
    Quickness, Agility, Speed: Naturally born with legendary speed, along with quickness and lateral speed and epic reflexes. Though never learned to Flash Step his speed is great enough to equal the swiftness of a Flash Step but he can do it over a longer distance unlike a Flash Step which is short yardage, at top speed he unable to make sharp turns but can create a impeccable gust of wind that will chase him, averaging about 3 seconds behind. When in close combat he is as fast and nimble as they come able of landing five shots in a opening where any other top ranked warrior would only be able to land two.

    Vast Spiritual Energy: Roderick’s Reiatsu would not be considered the best in the world but without question of elite status, capable of creating a very powerful amount of spirit pressure.

    Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Without question the best shinigami of Hakuda. His fighting style is somewhat rhythmic yet extremely unpredictable as it is a combination of kick boxing, jiu jitsu submissions, and grappling slams. Roderick is considered of being more of a defensive position when using his Shikai since his Hakuda is so much superior than his swordsman skills. What makes Roderick so powerful is his sync with his Bankai, speed, and masterful melee ability.

    Amazing Growth Rate: Naturally born with a legendary growth rate and ability to learn and master spiritual techniques in short amounts of time with the exception of swordsman skills and the Flash Step. Recorded that during Roderick’s time at the academy he mastered all of his Kidō, Hohō, and Hakuda within the 1st two years yet his lack of effort into schoolwork and tests held him back to the full graduation rate of 6 years. As time went by his abilities improved tremendously even though he trained rarely.

    Appearance: 6'1ft and 213lbs - Black ethnicity - black hair fashioned very short - muscular yet slender build - Has a chin strap beard

    Characteristics/ Habits: Very lazy, loves to smoke marijuana & listen to music, can play the harmonica and saxophone well, very competitive, hates arguing and obvious stupidity, very humorous loves to use sarcasm and over exaggeration jokes. Immune to peer pressure & cares little for others' judgment about himself. Has a habit of making beats when bored. Also loves to "chill". Depending on his mood he either loves to fight and considers it more of a game rather than a conflict or despises it cause of the hard work and effort. Extremely confident if not cocky in his fighting ability, usually asking his opponents a rhetorical question saying “Don’t you know who I am?”

    History: Ex-Lieutenent of the 8th squad and elder brother of Yoruichi Shihōin. Extremely lazy yet regarded as the most powerful shinigami of his time or any other time (all his skill & ability came from naturally born talent). As time went by he defeated many powerful foes (most known is the 4th Espada pre-Aizen) and major missions. He got into a romantic relationship with Isane Kotetsu, where one night they both got drunk on sake which led to further events. Later Roderick was accused of slaying the 3rd seat shinigami of the 11th squad Tija Kimzo yet he refused to admit he did, being sentenced for execution he fled Soul Society and went to Earth to start his life over. Roderick was never proven guilty by any visible or solid evidence just word of mouth (which started by Aizen). Isane was pregnant with Roderick's child but never told him before he left, she only told Yoruichi. She hid herself while the pregnancy was noticeable and gave the baby up for adoption so no one would know of it (the child should be old enough to enter the Academy if still alive). Roderick attends Ichigo's school and even talks to him regularly (but Ichigo has no idea who he really is but has a hunch something is different about him cause of his faint aura). Soon enough reports have been sent to Soul Society of spottings of Roderick, which leads to search parties seeking for him to bring Roderick to "justice" while Yoruichi wishes to use him as a direct counter to Aizen believing he can match Aizen's strength if not defeat him and partly wishing to protect Roderick from execution. Isane and Yoruichi simply call Roderick "Ricky".

    Rumors have been spread around that Roderick during his absence from Soul Society was a member of the Barrio Exiliado (a gang of extremely powerful shinigami, Vizards, & Arrancar who either abandoned their homes or were kicked out - goals are unknown)
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    Name- Pein
    Race - Shinigami
    Zanpaktou - Reptile Lord
    Shikai Command - Posion Reptile
    Shikai Appearance- A long Think sword with many snakes coming out
    Move- Extend- The snakes Extend towards the enemy biting them and leaving them temporarily paralyzed.
    this is how it would look

    Bankai Appearance-Summons a Huge Snake ( like Mayuris Big thing )
    it would look like this :

    Physical Appearance - 6ft2 210 lbs - Light brown skin color - Brown Spiked Hair - Beard - Ripped

    Characteristics/Habits - Has a bad smoking habit , Very serious Personality , Looks down at every one else , lonely person

    History: Former 9th Squad Captain GrandFather of Shūhei Hisagi . Was most known For defending Konoha when Espada invaded... he defeated The former 5th espada and died protecting his squad

    lol .. i was bored my chracter suxx sory
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    Name: Jakiro Woozhani

    Race: Vizard

    Trademark Move(s):
    zanpakutō Shikai (Chishio)
    Coupure Mortelle: Jakiro’s blades glow bright red, enhancing the attack’s sharpness and damage. Specially can slash through spirit particles with ease. Jakiro’s bread-and-butter move
    Blutrute: The blades of his swords turn into red-colored spirit energy, lengthen to about 20 yards, and become limber overall becoming whips. The whips slices/burn flesh, melts metal, but has to crush through earth/rock.

    zanpakutō appearance: A daishō (combo of a kanata and the wakizashi) with the grip covered by a black cloth with 3 small red diamonds in the center. The fullers of the blades are colored-red

    Bankai (Chishio Kyuuten)
    Coupure Mortelle
    Empuje Sangre: Thrusts one of his two swords forward, releasing a violent blast of spirit energy.
    Rasoio Sangue: Jakiro’s swords glows red similar to Coupure Mortelle but the glow is shaped like a constant flame. On contact with any solid (the ground, flesh, another zanpakutō, etc) the blades fire a crescent wave of red spirit energy with great force in a straight line. The projectile speed is extremely fast. Most dangerous to the enemy when used in close combat

    Bankai appearance: A daishō but now the blade has no point, more of a long rectangle. A crossgaurd with spikes is now present and the grip is now black bandages with Japanese characters on it.

    Powers and Abilities:
    Determination: Jakiro’s pride and ego refuses to allow him to be defeated without a fight. Allowing him to battle at a constant high level even if he is suffering from mass damage and fatigue. This also ties in with his constant desire to become better, leading him to training for hours and continuous amount of time perfecting his technique.

    Abnormal Growth Rate: With the hollow fused within his body unlocked a once sealed potential. Normally Jakiro’s growth rate was down right pitiful and jumped to a state almost comparable to Ichigo’s. With this new found inner gift Jakiro’s limit is only as high as his determination and will to become stronger.

    Quickness & Agility: Physically Jakiro isn’t truly fast yet his short distance burst, lateral quickness, and reflexes are elite enough to rival Roderick’s. Making him a fierce competitor in close quarters and quite elusive.

    Sangriento Cero: Fires a enormous amount of concentrated spirit energy at the target from the palm of his hand. Requires Jakiro’s own blood on his palm (usually cuts his own hand when about to use a Sangriento Cero). Gained the ability to fire cero after the hollow infection but was morphed & required blood to launch.

    Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Probably Jakiro’s most notable skill is his swordsman ability. He’s able to sync his movements, slashes, and thrusts with timing with almost a perfect balance of offensive and defensive form. Maverick Lakamo describes Jakiro’s fighting style as graceful, precise, and notably saying “every one of Jakiro’s attacks has a purpose with each one’s intention of killing his opponent”. Easily evolved and developed from Jakiro’s timeless training in and out of the academy.

    Appearance: 5’8ft and 154lbs - White ethnicity - dark red hair fashioned spiky - Skinny build - Jakiro’s right canine tooth is around 1/3 inch longer than the average human/Shinigami canine tooth, can be partly seen even when mouth is closed - Clothing: Red leather with black colored diamond shapes in a pattern and shades of black on the gloves, boots, and pant legs. Has leather shoulder pads that are similar to the Blood fang armor (WoW fans would know.)

    Characteristics/ Habits: Sometimes goofy but usually serious, extremely logical and moderate temper. Hates lack of focus when need be, stupidity, and ignorance. When he makes mistakes he blows them off & makes up a excuse (even if its makes no sense) and quickly tries to change the subject. Somewhat selfish and high self-esteem. Compares himself to others and consistently wants to be #1 in any category even if its not his natural strength. Great social skills and schemer.

    History: Former 5th seat of the 7th squad & Leader of the Barrio Exiliado, he is 633 years old. During his time at the Academy he had a rivalry with Roderick (which Roderick wasn’t aware of) constantly trying to out-do him in tests (easily) and performance (never did achieve a higher grade than Roderick). Though his technique was unmatched by any of the students his overall strength grew very slowly leading to him only to graduating in 6 years in the middle of the pack. When he was finally recruited by the 7th squad he moved up from his relentless work ethic but like in the Academy his un-developing power kept him from being a lieutenant or even a captain. His inability to advance in the rankings led him to abandoning Seireitei, to somehow seek a way to improve his power growth. While asleep in the Shadowbark Woods after training was attacked by a low-grade hollow eventually crawling through one of Jakiro’s wounds, infecting him & trying to take over his body. Somehow Jakiro’s body dominated and killed the hollow within him, changing Jakiro into a Vizard. His eyes turned pitch-black with the pupils becoming red, he does not have the ability to hollowifcate instead his growth rate was nearly quadrupled and his speed, strength, and kidou increased to the same degree if he was in hollowfication. He never noticed this change until he noticed his abnormal growth, ability to cast cero and when commented on his hollow-like eyes by Love Aigawa when they were recruiting him to the Vizards. He stayed with the Vizards for nearly 20 years refining his new skills and discovering his new status. Jakiro had feelings for Mashiro Kuna, she also flirted with Jakiro but he never capitalized if she felt the same. He eventually left the Vizards to join the Barrio Exiliado who’s leader at the time was Gurado Reyes who became Jakiro’s idol. After being with the Barrio Exiliado for around 90 years Gurado Reyes abandoned the Barrio Exiliado without giving any reason, Jakiro being the strongest and arguably most intelligent member became the new leader. Later he visited Earth looking for the source of a strong riestu which led to meeting Roderick who he hasn’t seen in around 200 years. They later become great friends and convinced him to join the Barrio Exiliado as the co-leader. The Barrio Exiliado has been known to kill Shinigami and Arrancar (most notably was Jakiro slaying their 9th Espada) while under Jakiro’s command. Eventually the Barrio Exiliado’s forces wilted down to only the top 5 which later became the top 4 when Roderick left after a conflict with #3 Zuina Allcubar. Jakiro is known in Hueco Mundo as a sworn enemy and Soul Society as a traitor and used as a negative image of Vizards. Currently his scheme for the Barrio Exiliado is unknown but a few of his personal goals is to find Roderick once again and share his feelings with Mashiro Kuna.
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    Name: Gurado Reyes

    Race: Shinigami

    Trademark Move(s):
    Zanpakutō Shikai (Incendio)
    Bala Que Quema: Swings his massive pole arm, blasting a dark red colored fireball at his target.
    Azufre Aplasta: Builds spirit energy within his pole arm axe and slams the head of the axe into the ground, eventually shooting out a pillar of fire and lava from the ground underneath the target. The larger & powerful the spurt, the longer it takes the attack to erect.

    Zanpakutō appearance: A large lochaber axe, the wooden shaft nearly 7ft with the blade taking up 3 and ½ feet. The edge is jagged that curve slightly downward and the emblem of a phoenix in the center of the massive blade. The shaft is a brownish-red color with the metallic blade being a shining silver yet with a red tint. At the bottom end of the shaft is a thick chain which connects to a steel handcuff on his left wrist.

    Bankai (-Not Yet Revealed-)

    Bankai appearance: -Not Yet Revealed-

    Powers and Abilities:
    Flesh Step: Being a former captain of the Gotei 13 and member of Division 0 he has mastered the flash step to the best of his ability. Though impressive it is not of elite status due to his natural lack of agility & bulky size.

    Enhanced Durability: Cause of his titanic size and physical strength along comes the trait of taking immense damage and resist fatigue that is almost deemed epic. Many of who have seen Gurado in combat consider him as a juggernaut, seen being impaled without much beyond flinching and shakes blunt attacks with ease.

    Enhanced Strength: Naturally born extremely large came physical strength that couldn’t be rivaled. When battling lesser opponents he is known for simply overpowering them and instead of using his zanpakutō.

    Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Relentlessly practiced his unarmed combat ability during his time at the academy while captain. From experience and self-taught he developed his own personal fighting style which is a mixture of attacking with martial arts and countering his opponents’ attacks by grappling and overpowering them sometimes finishing his grapples into vicious slams.

    Highly Perceptive Combatant: Incredibility intelligent he catches on patterns and styles rather quickly. Then analyzes them to come up with theories and facts to expose weaknesses allowing him to defeat even the mightiest of opponents with ease given enough time. Probably the reason Gurado hates conversation while in serious situations as he may be concentrating.

    Expert Drinker: During his teenage and adult life Gurado has been drinking alcohol falling in love with the taste. His lore on alcoholic beverages is outstanding & is only matched by his tolerance. Always seen having a half gallon bottle to his sash, Gurado drinks his self-made version of sake from the bottle which is by far more heavy and stronger than normal sake. Even though he consumes vast amounts of alcohol he seems to be never drunk or at least doesn’t show signs of intoxication.

    Appearance: 6’5ft & 256lbs - Spanish/White (Scottish) Ethnicity - Dirty blonde hair fashioned long and somewhat unkempt - muscular & powerful build - Has a thick beard and mustache - Outfit: Wears a standard captain’s uniform yet all black and a red-outlined emblem of a phoenix on the back center, with a golden sash around his waist & finally a clay-made bottle with Japanese characters painted on the center saying “Brew”.

    Characteristics/ Habits: A intelligent, wise, and somewhat rebellious man. Always calm and cocky but not very talkative, personally hates conversation while in battle or any serious situation most likely cause he is thinking and scheming. Speaks with a faint Scottish accent, during quiet times he enjoys jokes and simple conversation yet hates constant swearing, dirty topics, and unsophisticated grammar which leads to him looking down upon people who do not act up to his personal standards. Not afraid of speaking his own mind in political and/or military issues & takes personal offense when told to “shut up” or any statement that may describe him as un-important. When angry he’ll make threats or even use violence to get his point across, always warning the person who is on his nerves that they are before acting. Loves to drink sake and be physically active.

    History: Former 7th squad captain later promoted to Royal Guard, and former leader of the Barrio Exiliado. He was one of the first class of Shinigami to graduate from the Academy along with Jūshiro Ukitake and Shunsui Kyōraku. Becoming captain of the 7th squad he held that position for nearly 250 years until promoted to Division 0 (Royal Guard) to service the Spirit King. After working under the King for a great amount of time he decided to leave, disagreeing with the King’s decision making and to him, the King’s constant stupidity. Wandering the wilderness of Soul Society he found Boshma Tomaraha who was exiled from Seireitei for becoming a Vizard. Soon he made friends with many Vizards and Shinigami who weren’t good enough to graduate from the Academy and later found the Barrio Exiliado, a organization and home for outcast or wandering Shinigami, Vizard, and even Arrancar alike. With only the top 5 most powerful members ranked Gurado Reyes was obviously #1, Zuina Allcubar #2, Oller Jinmaki #3, Maverick Lakamo #4, and Nin Senjola at #5 at the beginning of the Barrio Exiliado. Seeing how large of a success the Barrio Exiliado was, he began recruiting more talent, his most impressive recruit was Jakiro Woozhani which he found when trying to introduce the idea of a merger with the Vizards. Unfortunalby they declined which led to Jakiro leaving the Vizards to join the Barrio Exiliado. With the import of Jakiro the ranks were changed to Jakiro Woozhani #2, Zuina Allcubar #3, Maverick Lakamo #4 , and Nin Senjola at #5 (Oller was sent on a mission to Hueco Mundo yet never returned). The Barrio Exiliado eventually became a stable and powerful organization that gained respect from Hueco Mundo & Soul Society. But one day Gurado Reyes suddenly abandoned Barrio Exiliado with no reason or trace leaving Jakiro Woozhani in command.

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    Bleach My bleach Char


    Race: Vizard

    Like:Sunny days or rainy days a good fight and pain..

    Dislikes: weak people and stupid people..

    Trademark move:Seed(with every slash a seed goes in and slows the enemy down),Cero,Vine(captures the enemy and holds them),Tree of death(brings a woodent spike up to kill the enemy),Petal of death(sends 300 petals that will explode and have a 3foot ratius) flash slash...(most can be stopped by dodgeing or fire attacks)

    Characteristics:Calm,Smart,Advrage looking,Scared,Enjoys pain,Loves A good fight,Vizard mask is Silver with black streak down the eyes and a gold streak across the eyes, wears a cloak so no one know what he really looks like unless he fights them..has a scar over his eye purple eyes and blond hair is 6'2'' 150-230 pounds

    Story:Born In a small home and parents sent him to fight hallows to make him strong but his parents were doing it illigaly so they were taken and excuteded in front of him and then the leaders wipe his memory or it and then went to the school and his kindo sword was his zanpacto but he dident know till later on and then he got his memory back and grew a strong hatred for the socitey...then left the Soul socitey because he had no one because his parents and friends all died and he fled to hecto mundo killing random hallows..till he found out about a higher power(vizards) and then he trained and became one of the first he just wornders around looking for a stronger person to fight

    Sword:name is Shawwnikki maso ken(tree of death) it is a kindo but when it goes in bankai it becomes a sharp wooden sword as strong as any outher zanpacto and grows leafs on the hilt and vies go up the arms and gives 2x speed and 3x strength...

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    wow, i completely forgot about this thread

    made by [DFX]
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    you got me what I always wanted \o/
    you're now my favorite person.
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    Name: Jorian Namvel
    Race: Arrancar (vastolorde) (not an espada, but equal to and doesn't follow aizen)
    Sword / Abilities: "Calyzeford" (main ability is to disrupt an enemies normal rhythm of energy, causing the opponent to succomb to illness or certain death. the effects increase based on the opponent's amount of reiatsu.
    Trademarks: Sword Strikes combined with kidou or shunpo moves.
    Personality: high strung, very active and loves killing. also intelligent and resourceful.
    Special Move: Cero Beam from his blade.
    *this move is jorian channeling his reiatsu to his sword and unleashing that power into an evasive attack against his enemies. prefers to use "cero".
    Resurrecion Form: "Raptor"

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    Bleach Angelus “Angel” Rodriguez [Anjierasu “Enjieru” Rodorigesu]


    Name: Angelus “Angel” Rodriguez [Anjierasu “Enjieru” Rodorigesu]
    Affiliation: Soul Society, Gotei 13, Squad 13
    Rank: Lieutenant of Squad 13.
    Description: Hispanic background. Dark brown skin. Dark eyes. Athletic built. He looks 22, so that would be nearly 200 in Soul Society years. He has golden hair that sweeps kind of up and back in messy spikes with a bit of a side part. He has quite a deep voice with an Hispanic accent. Nothing heavy or comical, he randomly uses Spanish words in regular conversations, says things like “ches” instead of “yes” and rolls his Rrrrrs a little.


    Name: Heaven’s Breath [Tengoku No Buresu]
    Appearance: Normal length katana. The guard is a circle with an angel wing pattern. The guard and hilt are gold with white cloth.


    Shikai Name: Heaven’s Breath [Tengoku No Buresu]
    Shikai Release Command: Exhale! Heaven’s Breath. [Hassru Ru! Tengoku No Buresu]
    Type: Melee
    Sub-Type: Duel-Blade
    Element: Wind
    Description: Double Tonfa-Blades: The whole Zanpakutō splits in two. The blades and hilts shorten, the guards becomes rectangles, shortens on the back edge side of the blade and change from wings to a ‘Japanese cloud’ pattern, the hilt grows into an L shape, and a silver chain grows from the end of each main-hilt which connects the two swords. Also the colour of the hilt and guard changes from gold to silver. The cloth stays white.
    ..This Zanpakutō can be used in a variety of ways, but predominately they are used as close combat weapons. They are held by the side-hilt with the back edge of the blades against the forearms. The blades are also used in the regular sword like way, but not as frequently. Also, they can be used as long range weapons. The chain that connects the two blades can extend and retract at Angel’s will. So each blade can be thrown to attack enemies at a long range. The down-side is Angel has VERY limited control over the trajectory once the blade has been thrown. Also the chain’s extension-retraction speed isn’t the fastest. It would not be fast enough to strike speedy enemies and would leave Angel somewhat open for a few seconds during retraction.
    Ability: My Zanpakutō’s ability is fairly simple. As the name suggests, it is a wind element based weapon. Angel infuses the air around the blades of his Zanpakutōs with Spiritual Energy and it becomes an extension of the blades themselves. The air moves at an extremely fast pace and is made up of thousands of small currents of air in constant motion. These “air-blades” can slice an opponent like a normal blade. Often the currents move away from the blades but quickly lose the ability to cut things. Only the air in the direct vicinity of the blades is affected by Angel’s Spiritual Energy. The enemy cannot see this wind; however, the things near the blades are ruffled by the wind as it moves away from the blades and dissipates, such as a Shinigami’s clothing. So a perceptive opponent would deduce what was happening from this phenomenon.
    ..The air-blades are not as powerful as a direct slash from the actual blades themselves but can still do damage enough to hurt. Also if an enemy takes a direct hit from the blades the wound would be made wider and deeper by the air-blades. The air-blades do not affect other Zanpakutōs; they cannot block blows by other weapons. They can only cut flesh and armour. Also, the air-blades can be increased in size from a few inches to about 100 meters, but since the blades are formed by a constant exertion of Spiritual Energy the bigger the blades are made the quicker Angel will tire. Therefore he varies them between 5 inches to half a meter during most battles.
    ..The air-blades can also be used as a blunt force instrument by exerting a large amount of Spiritual Pressure in an instant, with the blades as a focal point. This is used to push an opponent back, if they’re up in your face with your Zanpakutō’s locked together in a power struggle, or even to knock them to the ground at tremendous speed.
    ..And speaking of tremendous speed; using his air manipulation skills he is able to create a frictionless kind of barrier around his body to aid his shunpo, of which he is an expert but not a master. He’s not the fastest person in the Seireitei but by using his air-blade technique he is able to increase his speed to rival even that of Yoruichi.. Well, not quite.


    Bankai Name: Heaven’s Fury [Tengoku No Densetsu]
    Bankai Release Command: Sweep away all existence, Heaven’s Fury! [Subetento sonzai wo issou, Tengoku No Densetsu]
    Type: Melee
    Sub-Type: Multiple Blade
    Element: Wind
    Description: When Bankai is released one of the two Shikai Zanpakutōs completely dissolves and the other only dissolves to the guard. The hilt is all that is left. The guard and hit revert to their sealed shape and length, the white cloth disappears, the colour becomes a bright gold, as if it is lit from within, and it gets a diagonal line pattern along its length. Angel’s kimono becomes white, the sash at his waist and white under–kimono-shirt thing become a subtle gold colour. The sash attaching the Lieutenant’s Badge to his arm stays white, as it is an addition to his original uniform.
    ..The actual “blade” of Angel’s Bankai is made up of thousands of feather shaped blades which form together in the shape of wings at Angel’s back. When first released the wings are in the same position as the Zanpakutō’s Spirit’s wings. The colour of Angel’s Spiritual Energy / Pressure is pure white so the feathers are a shining white colour, but not overpoweringly bright.
    Ability: The first, and most used, ability of Angel’s Bankai is when the feather-blades are in wing formation. It is immediately activated once Bankai is released. The feathers can be used for both attack and defence, using only a few at a time or all of them at once. The feathers seem to move of their own accord, but in reality, Angel is controlling them with his mind. Not having to use physical movements to control the path of the feathers reduces their reaction time and increases their defensive capabilities. Also, the speed of the feathers depends on how many are being used to attack as it takes more concentration to move a larger number of feathers at one time. For example, if only using one feather to attack, it would move faster than the eye could see, but using all of them at once would drastically reduce their speed and be easily dodged by higher level enemies. The blades in their wing-form can also be used to increase Angel’s running and flight speed exponentially. He becomes as fast as a master of shunpo, but is still not classed as one due to it not being his natural skill.
    ..The second ability is called Shattering Vortex [Datsu Tsubu Uzu]. When this ability is activated the wings on Angel’s back start to flap, which produces an extremely strong current of air that traps the enemy within a tornado-like-vortex. As the wings are creating this vortex, the feather-blades are detaching from the wings in a constant stream, flowing down the current and merging with the vortex until no feathers remain at Angel’s back. The air infused with the blades attacks the enemy from all sides until they are able to break free or die.
    ..The third, and final, ability of this Bankai is called Choir of Redemption [Shoukan No Seika Tai]. Angel draws the golden hilt of his Zanpakutō and raises it with both hands above his head. All the feather-blades group together above the hilt in a kind of downwards arrow shape, making a huge blade of shining white energy. With this technique Angel can do devastating damage to an enemy easily with one strike. The problem is, with Angel needing two hands to hold this weapon aloft, and the size of the blade hindering its manoeuvrability, it leaves Angel somewhat defenceless. Thrusting with the blade practically slices through the fabric of space and allows Angel to move from one point to another in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, Angel cannot change his trajectory once he starts moving, and moving at that speed, it is difficult to stop quickly. So if he misses his target, and he very rarely does, he will keep moving forward exposing his back before he can stop. The reason this ability is called CHOIR of Judgement is because all the feather-blades being forced together in this blade form are continuously striking one another, and when the smaller blades make contact they release a pure note of sound. With thousands of blades striking together thousands of times it creates the illusion of music coming from the larger blade.


    Zanpakutō Spirit: The spirit of Heaven’s Breath is in the form of a female angel of the same age as Angel. She has six wings all coming from a singular point between her shoulder blades and they kind of overlap each other in sets of two. The top two wings are the largest and curve up and over her shoulders and are quite spread out, the middle two are bent closer to the body and are positioned at a 90 degree angle to her body and the third pair are much smaller than the others and positioned downwards, kind of wrapping around her body and legs, but not so tightly that you can’t clearly see her arms and body. She kind of floats, her wings don’t flap but she doesn’t stand on nothing like a Shinigami, her legs just kind of hang. She has blonde hair that flows in waves and soft curls over her shoulder and down her back to her waist. She wears a white flowing robe with gold trim in a Grecian style. Gold bangles / bracelets adorn her arms and ankles. And a beautiful golden corset at her waist. Her voice is soft and sweet, even when angry she keeps a level tone which often disturbs Angel.
    Inner World: Heaven’s Breath’s inner world is made up of giant cathedrals of clouds. Not literal cathedrals, just huge masses of clouds. There is a sky-blue background. The clouds that make up this inner world are constantly moving and changing shape and there is a never ending soft wind. There is no sense of direction within this world. Also, gravity is kind of a moot point, as the Spirit floats and Angel can stand on nothing. The world is also affected by the Spirits mood. If she is angry the blue gets darker, the wind moves faster and the clouds get a grey hue, to the point where there can be a gale force wind, the blue is almost a black colour, thunder can be heard, and lightning can be seen within the clouds.

    Also, see sketches i've done of Angel and his Zanpakutou at -- AND WHILE YOU'RE THERE SUBMIT AND SHARE YOUR OWN CHARACTER!!!

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