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    I'll use Draciel's topic as guide, it's sooo much detailed. ^^

    Name: Kurokaze Giovanni
    Race: Shinigami
    Zanpaktou: Kamaitachi
    Age: Seems to be 18, to anyone that looks.
    Height: 1,76 meters
    Weight: 60 Kg
    Likes: Crosswords, puzzles, intelligent enemies.
    Dislikes: Heat, people who seek revenge while say it's justice, destroying trees.

    While was a teenager, discovered how to use his little spiritual power. Quickly developed ways to control it with remarckable efficiency, using very little spiritual power to materialize things, such as small walls and piercing shards. All these things were translucid and purple, as his spiritual power. After two years of confronting really weak hollows that sometimes attacked him, he was killed by a Menos Grande, which, by the way, wasn't there to attack him. The menos wanted a nearby shinigami. The shinigami sent Giovanni to soul society after this, where he became a shinigami, gained quite much spiritual power, and learned his Zanpakutou's name: Kamaitachi, the incarnation of razor winds. He developed a way to 'refine' spiritual power, allowing him to enter the 12th team of Gotei 13.


    Search an image of Kamaitachi. I don't know how to say 'doninha' in english, but it's one of these, a white one, with a huge scythe.

    Shikai - Kamaitachi
    His sword becames an rapier: can't slash, just pierce. However, his zanpakutou's ability is to make wind cut things, so, the rapier may be enveloped by a thin wind shell, that cuts in any direction. He can also send a kind of 'getsuga tenshou' made of wind, although it is not one big slash, but millions of minimals slashes. Also can do this while piercing, this way shooting wind like bullets.

    Bankai - Kaze no Kamaitachi [Wind Kamaitachi]
    Quite redundant, sure. When bankai is activated, the rapier becomes the giant scythe. Even it's holding can be used to cut. As it's Kamaitachi itself holding the scythe together with Giovanni, the scythe makes movements even faster than the rapier. Giovanni can throw the Zanpakutou, then Kamaitachi will fight alone [kind like the scythe is moving alone]. The most destructive attack is Tatsumaki, when Kurokaze spins the scythe over his head than throw it, causing a huge hurricane to start cutting everything in it's way.

    Other Abilities
    Shunpo - It's his strong point. One of the fastests in Soul Society.

    Sword Fighting - While on close combat, it's more a defensive style. With a bit of range, he uses his long-range cutting attacks. However, if needed, attacks in close range. It's a quite exibicionist style.

    Hand-To-Hand - Blocks attacks, mainly, with concentrated refined spiritual power.

    Demon Arts - Most of them are defensive ones, apart from byakuray, which he uses only in emergencies.

    Reiatsu - Has below average reiatsu, however, with his technique, he can use very little reiatsu to do everything people tend to use huge amounts.

    Natural Speed - Much above average

    Natural Strength - Below average

    That's it. ^^
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    Race: A human obtaining hollow powers.
    Excels in all area and has such tremendous reiatsu, and Aizen, even the king would fall to his knees.
    His bankai would happen to be Jenova and casts a giant ring of death around him, while his shikai, his super long ass sword can rip almost anything in two with a gentle slash and still pierce someone thats twice as long as his sword away. His speed and strength is completely unmatched.

    His special move is completely destroying someones zanpakutoh if he concentrates on them.

    anyone who plays ff7 would know sephiroth lol,k i just wanted to make him uber cheap here hahaha.

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    Name: Hideki Arata
    Race: Vaizard
    Zanpaktou: Haruki
    Story: He is the child of a female espada who made love to a powerful shinigami (no names .......byakuya) trust me he was proud of what he produced.His father perished trying to protect him from a fox ( i know it sounds familiar but im not really imaginative compared to gin0va) n his mother committed suicide (huge cero to the temple) after finiding out the news. With help from friends especially a young boy called ichigo he became the strongest vaizard ever.
    Skills: Haruki is a very special zanpaktou as it is the most powerful n oldest fire type ever ( yamamoto doesn exist in my story )
    Shikai: It produces a powerful light n flame which can destroy everything in its path.
    Bankai: We dunno yet hes still working on it.
    Hollow form. His body turns into hollow n he can still control it due to his father blood.
    Other skills: He wont tell me cos hes such a meany!!

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    name:Kiga noshi
    zanpaktou: kage
    story: as a child he was very unsocial and was a creapy kid he would just usualy find a shadow and sit there. many of the other kids called him name but that did not do so mush to his self-estem. when he got older he had a unusual spirit presssure and graduated with exelent grade( or whatever Shinigami teacher give) and he was given his sword. he disapperd for 2 years abd has now returnd but almost always stays in the shadows.
    shikai: uses shadow to creat a person body but it is a shadow
    bankai:engulps u in a shadow dome a bring up ure worst fear in ure subcontions

    other info to know: he is very good in martial arts

    (if there are any spelling mistakes dont bug me a bout it and if my guy is too strong just say the word and i will tone it down)

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    Well my name is different from my character's name but I'll give it a shot, I've create my own guy a Long long time ago but couldn't find where to post it,
    Name:Kashi Fugi
    Race:Soul Reaper Captain of 3rd company
    From:Rougankai 1st Distrist
    Looks:Face:Has blue hair, a bit like Gin and he never opens his eyes only when he's really mad. His mouth is like a regular mouth no buck lips or anything Body:Average 24 year old body
    Zanpakutou release command:Roll, Kazimaru!
    the effect is Renji's Zabimaru but it has lighting in it and can fire at will.
    Bankai:Renji's Banboo King but there are several snakes and the all contral different elements.
    Story:He was a wandering soul in Ichigo's home town, He sees and Soul reaper, she has short dark hair and she sents him to Soul Society.

    He wakes up and finds his own family, he helps with chores and everything.

    One night, he finds out a Hollow has been sent loose! Some Soul Reapers are are from 13th company and they ask if he's seen the hollow.
    He thinks everything will be alright because the person who's hunting the Hollow is a female Soul Reaper, 3 rd seat of 13th company.Also Married to the Vice-Captain.

    He then decides to camp out with some friends. The next morning, he goes back home and no one is there! Some neighbor's told him the Hollow had aten his family!It also killed the women who he saw the pervious night!Also the vice captain had been murdured!

    He decides to go to Soul Society and be a Soul Reaper, and then he starts his training. He first trains with some classmates. And they go to have a training trip. for some reason, they meet up with some Gaint hollows!Then Hitsgaya Toushirou and Rangiku of 10th company come and save the day.

    Now he finds out Soul Society is being evaded by Ryoka, they beat lots of people .Then they kill Captain Aizen!

    The Soul Society decide to make him 3rd seat of 10th company.While Aizen comes back and nearly kills the Ryoka and most captians!

    The Soul Soceity check to see what people can fight well and they see Fugi can use Bankai!

    The Soul Soceity are getting ready to fight Aizen's army known as Arrencarr.And this is where his ture story takes place!

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    Oh man.. i like the story!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pr0master View Post

    Oh man.. i like the story!!
    mine or the other gy you have a spoiler on0.o

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    name: rain <no last name available>
    species: soul reaper, but not a part of gotei 13
    appearance: looks slightly older than toushirou, younger than rukia. long white hair tied back in battle, white uniform similar to shinigamis'
    age: 130? who counts honestly...
    zanpakutou: watatsumi, water type
    shikai: strike, watatsumi!
    quickly draw sword out, transforms into a 10 meter long, thin, flexible strip of metal, weighted at the end, very like chou's from rurouken last resort sword, easy to manipulate with flick of wrist.
    bankai: gathers all water from atmosphere, turns it into multiple (5+) swords flailing around from her hilt, similar to shikai--not fully controlled; can get out of hand

    story: rain was a girl living with her family, who forged zanpakutou for the gotei 13. (forge blade, wander off to find willing "inner soul" to combine with blade) aizen ordered his espada to wipe them out, but leave one alive in order to still have zanpakutou for any arrancarr he makes later. grimmjow "accidentally" attacked the last one still alive, but not enough to kill her. (scar on neck still visible) rain buries her family and swears to kill aizen as she overheard someone tell grimmjow "thats enough aizen sama said". at a meeting of the captains that she was called to in order to explain what happened after she recovered, she sees that "aizen" is there, and gets into a rage, attacking him and rightly accusing him of killing her family. of course, the gotei didnt believe her. She runs out and in another blind rage kills a hollow, without drawing sword. So the gotei find her bloody handed and hissing at aizen, and fearing that she will attack him again they whop her unconscious. as shes out cold they slap a limit seal on her to stop any potential "accidents" and dont give a thought about what she just said about aizen. after she wakes up she runs away to make swords that she secretly sends to soul society. (she does it to remember her family)

    20 years later the gotei call her back, demanding that she stays in the society to keep her "safe". at this time shes learned to have a mostly apathetic outward appearance around aizen, and has gained a sarcastic slightly mocking sense of humor. of course she disagrees, hinting that she doesnt feel right here with people who had "killed so many times".(course you know what she means) eventually after quite a bit of debating the 46 allow her to go wherever she pleases, but she must continue to make zanpakutou for society. she has to obey small commands, such as "go here to attack hollows" or "come to society for a meeting" but she basically can make her own decisions ( they dont want to anger her as shes their only source of weaponry) she agrees, but not before making a mocking retort "of course i'll make soul cutters for you. not that you ever used them to uphold your vow..." (her family and society made a pact that they make swords, while society protects them from any danger and lets them do whatever they want, within reason) then she runs off again, to who know where for 15 more years.
    15 years later, at the start of the BLEACH storyline where ichigo comes in, at the end of the soul society arc she comes in (order) just in time to see aizen, tousen and gin float off. she heals byakuya (nurse when she lived with family, "capable" healer) and sarcastically says "told you didnt i....35 years ago...but of course you wouldnt trust me, now would you..."
    yamamoto calls her to a personal meeting, somewhat apologizing about what happened previously.
    she is now in fake karakura town, hoping for a fight with aizen.

    habits: sleeps at awkward times in awkward places (ie. floor, tree, hueco mundo) is sarcastic but can be dead serious, is sometimes quite forgetful about unimportant things. likes high places (ie. trees cliffs rooftops), keeps to herself and is NOTrelated to toushirou. tends to be really awkward very freely such as asking completely off topic questions and having heart to heart chats with defeated but not dead enemies such as grimmjow who she has apparently forgiven. she doesnt kill him because she says shes really after aizen. (encourages grimmjow to rebel) she never calls anyone sama, and only san when mocking someone. she called byakuya an idiot when she heard of him saying "i'll kill her myself if i must...[rukia]" byakuya didnt respond with anger or annoyance.
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    oh my goodness you guys...

    i swear you do not know how much i have imagined myself as this girl...
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    Katai Abune


    Akane Ryuunosuke [red dragon]

    Warm weather,training,being with friends

    Cold weather,having nothing to do,traitors,being singled out because of her abilities, being insulted about her size [She is shorter then Hitsugaya]

    Excellent at Warp/Flash Step and at hiding her prescense
    Akane Ryuunosuke - Fire element Zanpakuto with enormus spiritual pressure. [Enough to make even those captains sweat alittle!] .Can condense some onto her skkin,making it so anyone who touches her will get burned.
    Only Katai is allowed to touch Akane Ryuunosuke,anyone else will get burned. He also increases her already above average speed and attack force,but does not change shape through shikai. Bankai,the blade becomes lined with fire and anything it touches is incenerated,and she is backed up in battle by a large flaming dragon.

    She became a Soul Reaper at a very young age,following her brothers footsteps but always beating him by a year. Her mother was murdered when they were young.
    Her brother was Koshiro,who was set to become a captain until he descovered Aizens "true identity",just like his mother had,and confronted Him,at which point Aizen murdered him. She was unfortunate enough to stumble upon the scene, before Aizen left, but he gave Koshiro enough time to say goodbye before dying,and give her a gift. Then Aizen tried to kill her but she survived. She was the 6th division leutinent before Renji,then gave up her position and went to assist Ruki Kuchiki in the world of the living,later falls victem to Aizens Kanzen Saimen [i forget how to spell it] and joins him,but is eventually returned to herself to be able to help in the battle of Karakura City/Town.
    She still wears Koshiro's gift,which was a cross necklace with a small diamond in the middle,that holds all her brothers abilities and a remenant of his soul and can call on him to assist her if she needs to.
    She does not know who her father is,but clings to the hope that she still has some family out there somewhere.

    [Cause I can't draw worth shit]
    Very tiny,pale skin,with long black hair and "peircing" [lol] emerald green eyes. She likes to smile but is usually seen frowning with either a sad,angry or determined look in her eyes.
    She has a scar running from her left shoulder to right hip where she was attacked by Aizen. Akane Ryuunosuke is attached to her back with a red scarf. She also wears a red bandana around her neck. There is a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist that is actually a seal in the shape of the kanji for Fire. It is hidden by a black glove. It was placed on her to hold in half of her powers so she wouldn't unintentionally harm someone.
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