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    for my character sora ryu
    zanpakuto: tatsumaru
    realease phrase: fly to the sky
    sealed state is a katana that looks beat up like kenpachi's sword due to the amount of training sora did on the side when he was in the academy.

    when realeased take the form of a large sword (looks like cloud's sword from ff7 advent children sorta) its ability causes reatsu to condense and form an armor around sora's body increasing all his speed and power and defense, not unlike the scryed forms. the large sword is actually two and the the 2nd swrod splits off the back of the large sword. think advent children and you should be able to get it. also the sword has attacks that are similiar to the getsuga but is called dragon flash. cause reatsu to be fired of in forms of dragons. the condensed reatsu around his body is not his own but reatsu gathered from the air and from when he striked the opponent.armor at this point is black and red

    bankai: the two swords of the shikai become nodachi and turn stark white with only the tips of the handle a different color. the armor now refines and compress more and turns white and blue. his eyes also change to what he calls ryugan. in this form his speed becomes extremely mimicing flash step speed while just runnning. he now can send vacuum strikes by swinging his sword so fast. final attack combines the two swords togethe to preform the heavenly dragon strike. causes the swords to fire out a white dragon of imense speed and power to fire out at the opponent. once it has gotten a hold of the oppenent reatsu signiture it will never give up chasing.

    vizard mask: all above powers are increased and the sword blast are powered up by using the swords as conduits to cero energy and causes them to become even stronger.

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    Haha guess I'll just give it a try;

    Name: Ao 'Vacio' Komori
    Race: 'Vizard'

    - When he was a Shinigami, he was exceptional and had a bright future in Gotei 13.
    - However, he hid away his best friend (who was undergoing painful 'Hollowization') from the government of Soul Society and was tending to him secretly.
    - Sadly, their hideout was discovered and Central 46 Chambers ordered his friend's execution.
    - Ao lost his senses when he saw his friend being beheaded and his own inner Hollow awakened from him.
    - In the end, he turned a renegade and was one of the few pioneering 'Vizards'.

    - He has a certain amount of hatred for Soul Society and discarded his surname: 'Komori' and nicknamed himself 'Vacio' (which means 'Empty' in spanish) after his Hollow self appeared.
    - His reiatsu was near Captain's level in Gotei 13 but when he Hollow awakened, an equally powerful amount of Hollow reiatsu (near Espada level) was released in opposition.
    - As a result, he has two split personalities and two Zanpakutous (1 Shinigami tuned while the other is Arrancar tuned).
    - His personalities only 'awaken' when he's in battle and wields one of the katanas. (e.g. Proud, cold, logical with his Shingami Zanpakutou but Wild, instictive, lustful with his Arrancar Zanpakutou)
    - Outside of battle, he has a passive, sleepy, uninterested attitude and hates any meddlesome trouble.
    - Poor at Kidou and Cero abilities.


    Shinigami Half
    Name: Raisuishou (Thunder Crystal)
    Release Call: STRIKE!
    Shikai Form: The metal blade becomes prismic/clear. Each slash is followed by an energy blade of lightning, extending Ao's range and power and inducing his attacks with 'shocking' attributes. Capable of executing techniques related to the properties of light e.g. will travel straight only but can be refracted/reflected.
    Bankai Form: Katana disappears and an armoured crystallic 'knight' that have 4 blades as arms and 18 crystal fragments levitating around it descends from the clouded skies. Again, attacks are lightning attributed but directed by the crystal blades and fragments giving it a flexible and large attack radius. Ao can materialise his fox-faced Hollow mask for added Hollow power but the pride in this personality usually stops him.

    Arrancar Half
    Name: ZorroFuego (Fox of Fire)
    Release Call: ENGULF!
    Released Form: Ao has a fox-faced Hollow mask on, massive claws as hands and 3 huge fox-like skeletal tails. Claws are covered with black flames and Ao goes totally melee. He uses his quick animal-like reflexes, even his tails for extra maneuver and attacks at random. Each successful slash scalds the enemy with excruciating burns.
    Full Form: When fully provoked, 96 more tails are added and two gigantic skeletal, flaming fox heads appear on his shoulders, while his mask morphs into a Fox skull complete with teeth. Speed is compromised with strength as each strike has increased with power though flexibility is decreased. 99 tails with flaming tips also act as whips. Heads and tails are able to throw fire blasts separately or together.

    Haha soo how was that? Totally random and just had the time, passing time haha at least it worked my brain abit rather than this boring lecture XP

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    name - dokyou momochi

    [MS] name - gdupninja

    race - teenage male shinigami

    abilities - excels in hand 2 hand combat and swordsmanship
    good with flashsteps

    zampacto - shinkai blue angel(i cant find translation) doble bladed blue bladed energy sword can make sheild like urahara's

    bankai devine blue angel of judgement(need that translated 2)
    wings speard on dokyou back can fire enery blasts from tips let him fly . sword divides in 2 cool looking blue swords can fire energy blasts
    ninja sleeves like sasuke (???) , spikey lightblue hair, headband,
    flirts with pretty girls , likes 2 joke around but is serious in battle , isnt afraid of anyone (dokyou means courage)likes 2 train

    Momochi was raised in a gang in Rukon District 80 until he was saved by a soul reaper from a serious beating from a rival gang, who noticed that he was capable of manipulating spirit energy. He sponsored Momochi's entrance into the academy, and later into the squads. (If you want more you have to do it yourself and send it to me and I'll edit into your profile.)

    this is my guy from our story

    Made by Gray-Foxx and iThepirate
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    Tres Voshstien
    age 17
    race vizard
    speciality- blood lust strike,bloody valentine
    blood lust strike- pricks finger to let his blood flow into his zampakto and then slashes his blade to throw his blood as blades at his opponent.
    bloody valentine- he taps in to his vampire and hollow powers and transform into a hollow like vampire self and them he uses an upgraded version of blood lust strike named double blood lust strike and rising twin fang dance,also the final lust kiss of death.

    son in law dracula
    cousan momoichi,kigali,and tomoko sozen which is hiro sozens little sisters
    cousan of hiro sozen
    personality-calm and collected and he never backs down from a fight and his prowess is like that of an espada and a captain
    he is the captain of squad 12 & 2

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    Name - uroku kentenshi

    Race- shinigami

    Age - 18

    Signature move- dance of death /he basically uses a multitude of flash steps at once becoming almost invisible, he wildly swings his zampakto at random. he is nearly un-touchable in this state and extremely dangerous

    Characteristics - he is the the captain of "squad zero" a squad designed in secret by the soul society for brutal kamikaze missions. he has blue spiked hair and ice white eyes which some mistake for blindness
    is usually seen as a depressed young man sitting lonsomely in his own solitude staring at one point and never blinking, but looks can be deceiving, for when he is fighting he shows no mercy or compassion to friend or foe and is one of the most cold and merciless killers in soul society

    he was born and raised in District 80 of Rukongai and shared a very troubled life with his siblings of whom he had three but none survived. he was abused and beaten by many cruel people for his dark blue hair and white eyes. he could find no way to properly vent his anger and therefore confined himself to his mind and bottled up his emotions, but one day he snapped. he killed his new guardian instantly by breaking his neck, and through his malice and hatred, he found that he could use his internal solitude to his advantage. it was three more years before he moved to Rukongai District 4 where he finally met the former captain of squad 11 who took him inside the Seretei where he was kicked out of his classes for the accidental killing of two of his classmates. though he was brought back and under the instruction of the Gotei thirteen he founded squad 0 along with it's five other members

    Name - "let none survive" Burakuku Deafu (Black Death)
    Shikai- when it is released it transforms into a black scythe with a kama blade sheathed in the bottom

    Bureafuesusu uindo (breathless wind)- the power of the scythe is strong enough to cut down enemies 100 meters away without touching them.

    Sutaruresusu nigufutsu (starless night)- bids the stars themselves to fall to the earth as thin beams of light that slice anything they touch

    on his whim Burakuku Deafu snaps into four chained segments the main top blade can be used like an oversised, short handled kama whereas the two middle sections (the scythe handles) can be used to bludgeon and block attacks, and the bottom blade snaps out revealing a kama which can be thrown
    the chain itself can be stretched beyond its normal limits, allowing all of the parts to be thrown.

    "take all lives and make them bleed" "Bankai"
    at this point he stabs himself in the back with the scythe which wraps around him and covers him in shadow
    Form: he attains a black hooded cloak and his eyes turn red. there are three skulls that hover around his head and his scythe transforms into two giant, short handled, kamas which he holds with the blades underneath his hands rather than overtop.

    Power: he can move to the speed of Ichigo's Bankai
    the three skulls allow him to stop and travel backwards in time up to ten seconds. though he can only use it once per skull, once the skulls are used up, he has to regain his power by taking a life other than his own, no matter how small.

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    Sokyo Donmegatsu
    Likes: hard candy
    Dislikes: water, deathly afraid of large bodies of water; Izuru’s hair; Chappy the Bunny;

    Born 328 years ago in Rukongai’s 3rd district, Donmegatsu’s family wasn’t of nobility but nowhere near the likes of the lower districts. Unlike the souls there, Donmegatsu’s grew up in a kind nurturing environment, much to his dismay. At heart, Donmegatsu’s was a warrior craving the thrill of battle. Without having to say he didn’t enjoy the luxury of never being hungry. Because of his often suppressed and unutilized reiatsu, he commonly found himself in bouts of painful hunger. His parents had him enrolled in the Shinigami Academy once he came of age. Because of his warlike nature, he found adjusting to life there difficult, though he excelled in shunpo, swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat and offensive kido (he found binding and spatial techniques of little consequence, not to mention extremely long winded, which didn’t match with his style of fighting).

    Because of his conduct during his academy career he was denied the right to take the exit exam for over a decade. When he finally was allowed to enter the 13 Protection Squads he was immediately offered a seat in squad 8, though not as high as he would have liked. His abilities alone should have granted him a top 5 rank but his attitude wouldn’t allow him a spot higher than 10th seat. The idea of placing him in division 11 was brought up but quickly put down as he would do nothing but start a never ending string of altercations that might end in a comrade’s severe injury or death, as that is 11th division’s way.


    Female avatar; Woman in a black cloak and hood; The only visible features are her hands and dark eyes

    Sealed form appears to be any normal zanpakuto. Guard in the shape of two half moons with their backs to each other. Blade is about 48in long, solid black sheath to worn on the back, straight up and down along the spine so the hilt/handle is right behind the head (sheath disappears after sword is drawn out).

    Shikai form is unsealed by the words "Cut light and give birth to darkness, Kageryuusen". Kageryuusen blade changes from it's seal form (typical steel blade) to the traditional black on silver. A second blade sprouts from the hilt turning it into a dual blade as if a twin of the sword is attached to it's hilt with the blade facing the opposite direction. A traditional chinese dragon design is engraved from end of the hilt to the other (coiled around like a snake).

    Shikai Ability Kageryuusen has two abilities, called "shades". The first initial shade (day eater) is the ability consumes all light in a 20ft radius turning broad daylight into midnight and nightfall into a black void. This ability is hightend at night, the radius extending to 50ft. The second shade (kagefujin) allows Kageryuusen to use the harnessed light and project it in the form of black fire when rotated. This ability is best used during the day.

    -no Bankai


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    Name: Sari (no last name)
    Race: Shinigami
    Zanpaktou: Hebi no Oni(Demon Snake(I think))
    Age: 157 but seems to be 13 on the outside
    Height: 1,54 meters
    Weight: 56 Kg
    Likes: well, he has heart breaking crushes about nearly any cute girl he sees (a lil like Shinji) and likes to fight
    Dislikes: People whom act like if they were superior; People who wish to live, even if this means the destruction of dozens of other people.

    An rare case, he retains his memories from before he was a shinigami, and those memories are that of a Vasto Lord. He was killed while fighting three captains of SS 157 years ago, while he was observing the real world. Due to this he stays away from SS and learnt everything on his own giving him a strange, mostly instinctive based fighting style which relays on sword and hand-to-hand combat and his own Zanpaktou's abilities only upgrade his strength, speed and such.
    While staying away from SS he developed several new shinigami abilities in mirror to some of Hollow's, like a method of passage between worlds, which he uses to travel to HM SS RW undetected. He prefers to be on RW and his mental state is very delicate due to his memories and he tends to seem cruel since he likes to fight but the truth is that while fighting he can just lose himself with no thoughts that make him suffer about his nature. In contrast to the seemingly cruel aspect he prefers not to be called into confusions(except if it is to fight) and is really sweet to any female character(which with his body, makes girls see him as super cute lil brother, much to his heart breaking uncontempt) although this is just like when he's fighting, a method to not concentrate on suffering.

    Hebi no Oni

    The true form is a shadow figure (which could be a remnant of his mental state) and has snake like eyes.

    Dark scales cover his left arm and legs forming a snake like form on his arm, granting him extra power on the left arm and the ability to shoot a dark energy attack from the mouth - Dark Doom - and forming snake tails on the legs improving strength and speed.

    All the body is covered on black scales and the snake head goes to his head and the eyes turn to snake like. More power and speed and "water vision" - every movement seems to leave a trail, like if it was all on the water - which comes from the snake eyes upgrade.

    Other Abilities
    Shunpo - decent, but nothing special like Yoruichi or Son Foi

    Sword Fighting - seems full of wasted movements but when fighting seriously every one of those movements chain into unpredictable combos that take advantage of terrain, surrounding objects and even to use Kidou in the middle of strikes. Very personal style

    Hand-To-Hand - much like sword fighting

    Demon Arts - Doesn't know many but is competent with those he knows, using them unpredictably and almost always with devastating effects. Knows some unique ones but are almost totally support magics.

    Reiatsu - Possesses an enormous amount of reiatsu (bigger than regular taichou but not as big as Kenpachi) and is excellent at controlling it, to the point he can totally hid it or even "change" it's nature, making it seem like Hollow's.

    Natural Speed - Above average

    Natural Strength - Above average
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    3.She will have a decorated sword with mountains written on it
    4.Brown hair with brrown eyes ,not too tall ,a direct type of person who say what she has in mind.
    5. well she will be in one of the squads because one of them will die,she will have a goal (not sure what didn't think about it...)she will already be stronger than Rukia and will get stronger but not incredably strong

    I will soon draw her and as soon as I've installed my scanner I will put her as my signature!
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    Hmm...okay, I'll try this.

    Name) Rey Vencedor
    Race) Arrancar
    Zanpakuto) Angustia (release command "Overwhelm")

    I haven't really thought on the character as I have on the Zanpakuto. Once released, the body of the Arrancar completely changes, and it depends on the opponent to determine the shape. "Angustia" means "anguish", and the ability of the Zanpakuto is to mimic the deepest fears of the opponent. Thus, the body of the Arrancar conforms to that fear. I don't have any god-like powers like hitting 10 million times with one stroke, but I do have the power of fear, which is more paralyzing than any amount of reitasu.

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    Name: Noobixxh
    Race: Arrancar
    Weapon(i dont use zanpaktou): Spiky Steel Knuckles


    Just when ichigo is about to beat aizen's ass, i come into the scene for the first time and bash my knuckles hard into ichigo's face, therefore kills ichigo on impact and end of the manga.
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