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    nice one gin0va, and I never knew they would take something as important as the Sharingan and make it that different from the manga o_O

    I think the 3rd technique is going to be like Magensha from Flame of Recca where he can hide his real body in another dimension and then the body in the real dimension is all invincible and untouchable and shit. If this was a real Ninja story I would think I was full of bologna but this is Naruto where anything goes as usual and they have dimensions out the ass so its plausible now lol.
    A pie in the sky?

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    i know this is a long shot but i want sasuke to discover a new branch of sharingan. im not really a big fan of sasuke being so goddamn strong now and being the focus. anyways, i was thinking like a sharingan with 4 tomoes? haha and a cool design that connects the tomoes or something =P

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