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am i the only one who's just realized that itachi was wrong about how many people had awakened the MS. i mean before he defected from konoha he told sasuke that only two people had acquired the MS including himself (itachi) and sasuke could be the third person to awaken it.

but in the recent chapter itachi told sasuke that madara and his younger brother acquired the MS. which would mean that at the time itachi first told sasuke about the MS there were actually three people who had attained the MS. so i'm starting to wonder if itachi willingly withheld that information from sasuke for his own ambitions or if he just didn't know that madara and his bro had already attained the MS at the time he told sasuke about the MS.
Looking back, Itachi only said that if Sasuke awakens the MS, there will be 3 ppl who can use it (as of this moment). He doesn't say that there had only been 3 MS users in the history of the Uchiha Clan and Sasuke could be the 4th. So i dont think Itachi was hiding anything from Sasuke.