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    well, after reading all this i think the final plot to this whole naruto saga is to put an end to the akatsuki. itachi is obviously gonna die, but now that sasuke knows everything, will he take his brother's eyes and obtain the true power?.

    also i think naruto is coming to end, the manga is about done with i think. Year and a half more chapters at best then that's it.

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    pain has nothing on itachi, itachi is the ultimate badass, can u believe he has the never to double cross his master, really cool

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    I guess this means that Itachi is the main antagonist. Or maybe Pein.

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    I loved this chapter didnt really like were the story was going last week but i thought this was amazing.

    but honestly i hope sasuke loses i just dont see how he'd be stronger than itachi now.

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    afaik kakashi dont have the ms, he has a new eyetechnique wich has nothing to do with ms. he uses his eyepower against that blowing akatsuki guy (deidra i think was his name) to cut him off his arm.
    it had to do something with different dimensions or something like this.

    to this chapter, oh damn, itachi looks insane, but suddenly he became cool at the end, i dont think this will be a short time.

    but there is something that confuses me.

    if madara is the real akatsuki leader, who is toby?
    we know he has a sharingan but he is not a high member of akatsuki. he took the place of that puppet guy and so he is "new" at akatsuki.
    but it also can be a bluff so that only pain knows the truth.

    i also could think that toby is the yunger brother of madara who somehow took back a sharingan from anyone (like kakashi got his from a friend).
    we only know that madara took his eyes, not that he took also his life.

    but by the way. itachi made a big mistake. he wants the eyes of sasuke, but does he know that sasukes doesnt got the ms? or is the ms not direktly in the eye, more in the brain/body of the owner.
    but at the end of the fight between itachi and sasuke i think sasuke wins and takes itachis ms (if it is possible to take the ms this way).

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    I wonder if the transfer would actually work though since Sasuke doesn't have MS.

    And another question that the Senju clan brings up, where are all the rest of the clan members?

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    how badass was the first hokage to kick madara ass when he had the ultimate mangekyou sharingan,, also i kinda want sasuke to win this fight.


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    Who wants to know?!
    I can name one person related to the Senju clan: Tsunade(fifth hokage), granddaughter to the first hokage(leader of the Senju clan).

    That's a lot of new info about the mangekyo sharingan, my vote goes to sharingan for the strongest eye technique of the three.

    One other thing, Itachi said something about Madara's Mangekyo sharingan being permanent, but when we saw his eye through the hole in Tobi's mask for the eye, it was only a regular three tomoe sharingan. Maybe he was just talking about the chance to use the mangekyo sharingan not exactly it being in a permanent released state.

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    well unlike others I dont think Itachi is turning on Madara I mean im sure Madara knows that Itachi wanted to kill Sasuke to take his eyes.

    I also wonder if Madara wants sauske to win than he will try and use him to help bring out his true plans.

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    Perhaps Itachi is hoping to awake sasukes MS in the fight, or he probably would have tried killing him right away (or taken the eyes when he had sasuke tied up to that monster/illusion), and then once awaken -take them.
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