well, i see what u mean but the facts are facts. pre-konoha the uchiha clan, under madara and his brother, fought many wars with other clans and won. Because of the many wars fought he got the title of "strongest ninja in the world", yes by hear say, but this would also apply to 4th and the order from rock (and rock only) to flee on sight of him, hear say. Which hear say is more impressive... Strongest ninja in the world or flee on sight (only on 1 country)? besides, although they have radios they use birds and gossip to collect info so hear say is the true source of information.
Shodaime kekkei genkai to forcefully repel or contain or control bijuu's chakra would had only allowed to cancel the kyuubi on a fight... after that it was 1 on 1 and he won, so is not that his kekkei genkai won his battle... it was more like his kekkei genkai made his battle basicly fair. this is the kind of info I base when I make my opinions, some might agree with me some wont but I cant just say, "oh, the 4th can beat anything and everthing in narutoverse since all I have seen him due is pop out of the seals he puts on the enemies and create jutsus!!"