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    Will of D theory

    After reading the Enies Lobby arc I was struck by what Aokiji said to Robin afterwards:

    It is my duty to observe what you do with your life because I respected [Jaguar D. Saul's] will.
    If you take it literally that would be an example of the "Will of D", a character essential to the One Piece plot is only alive because a D willed it. So do they have an all powerful will over other 'regular' people? Here's what I've been able to think up so far;

    Monkey D. Luffy: His will is obvious in many ways, from recruiting reluctant crew members to inspiring numerous people to follow through their dreams and their fights.

    Gol D. Roger: Willed the pirate age.

    Marshall D. Teach "Blackbeard" : He willed himself to become powerful and a Shichibukai, not an easy task.

    Jaguar D. Saul: Willed Robin to live and to smile, so far so true.

    Monkey D. Dragon: As near as I can tell he's willed a revolution, but no one knows much of him.

    I'm not entirely sure what Ace and Garp's will might be considered as, in fact those two seem to have their will directly defied albeit from another D:

    Monkey D. Garp: Willed Luffy to become a strong marine, didn't quite happen.

    Portgas D. Ace: Had the will to take down Blackbeard, he appears to have lost.

    This is just a thought that crossed my head, but what do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jupzter View Post

    I think its Ace's will to avenge his crew mate, so he will eventually. As for Garp, who knows.

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    I think ur thread is ridiculous

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    ^^ lol i willed myself to read this thread doesn't make sense though.


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    Is there even a word that's called "Willed"??

    Anyhow, sorry mate, but this conspiracy-around-D-thing seems a little... well...

    What the "Will of D" means is only Characters implifying they knew another "D" with a strong will and Luffy reminds them. I don't see all the other powerfull men have D:s...

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    Not sure how it doesn't make sense: those that have D in their name hold the "Will of D", an all powerful influence akin to fate. We already know it's central to the story since Oda is tight-lipped about it and Luffy, Teach and Roger all have the initial and are important characters that will span more than a single arc unlike many others.

    I think will can be a powerful thing in the story, so far it has been when we see words from Luffy alone be enough to decide a fight. Water 7 is a huge example through and through, after all they do get their asses handed to them by the same people they clobbered only after getting the will to fight.

    A more empirical example is Shanks inducing faints in a hundred people by merely being there. Joz, the 3rd division captain of the Whitebeards, even says you need determination to stand near him. Will is an intangible thing, but beside fighting One Piece seems to rely a lot on these sorts of relationships to advance the story and there's more and more plot evidence of how powerful these sorts of things are.

    I'm sure will is going to become a more deciding factor in battles as the story continues on being able to defy what seems to be canon (like maybe someone with a Devil Fruit will summon the will to swim despite the supposed impossibility, and I don't imply that it will be done casually, but rather when it comes to the life or death of a nakama). To me it's the only possible outcome I can imagine (granted, Oda is not predictable) to beating a character like Don Flamingo whom Luffy will likely confront.

    Perhaps I should have emphasized the simplicity of the theory and fleshed out more examples to back it up before. That's just what I think will turn out to be, and already is somewhat, a prevailing theme in the story.

    Maybe it's all just coincidence after all, maybe there's no real will or relation to the characters with the initial D, it's all just speculation. Personally I'd prefer no such thing as fate or predetermination in One Piece, I'd be just as happy with a huge build up to what "the will of D" really is only to find out it's a big fat series of happenstance.

    P.S. Yes, "willed" is a transitive verb, or in the case of where I used it on Blackbeard it's also an intransitive verb, but I'm a little rusty on English 101.

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    no comment! enough already!!!


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    enough of this theory crap. "Will of D" plain and simple stronger will than most of the One Piece character.

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    garp wanted luffy to be strong.

    this was shown when we learned that he used to throw luffy down cliffs and crap....

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    ...plz don't go on...the characters that have D as a middle name r, as we know so far, are merely characters that are strong, or have a slightly larger influence on the story, wat u've said is far too complicated, and sum of it not even making sense!

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