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    How are the remaining Shichibukai gonna go down?

    So anyone have some prediction of how the remaining Shichibukai are going down and who's gonna do it.

    The current known members remaining are:
    Dracule "Hawk Eye" Mihawk-Zoro is gonna take him down to achieve his dream
    Donquixote Doflamingo
    Bartholomew Kuma
    Gecko Moria-From the looks of it It's gonna be Luffy again or maybe a Luffy and Oz Duo will take him down.
    Also Blackbeard is aspiring to join.-I don't think Ace has taken him out yet, but I think he most likely will in the future either that or Luffy will be the one to.
    I also kinda think Dragon is gonna take down one of the Shichibukai therefore showing his strength.
    I also think Sanji deserves to take down one of the Shichibukai as he is one of the Straw hat's major fighting member. Based on absolutely no fact at all just a gut feeling I think it'll be Donquixote Doflamingo.
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