At the risk of being banned off this forum:

I am sick of it! At the very beginning of the Manga, the Sharingan was a useful technique. Being able to follow someone's movements and jutsus might come in handy. Being able to copy it the very second I learned it. Okay. But, the Sharingan itself wasn't so perfect you can't overcome it. We have seen several Shinobi (A, Bee, Naruto in SSJ4, probably Minato) who were fast enough so that the Sharingan couldn't follow. It seemed to be on equal footing with the Byakugan. It is safe to assume that the Byakugan is equally suited to see through a Genjutsu, and the Byakugan was better as well as worse than the Sharingan - depending on how you look at it. We were happy, Kishi was happy.

Then, however, we had to learn that there is the Mangekyou Sharingan. A sh**-f*ck*** (nice and shining) Doujutsu that renders the opponent's eyes even more useless than they already are against the standard Sharingan. But okay, it was still possible to avoid the technique, and Genjutsus must be avoided anyway, or you are virtually screwed - which, by the way, surprisingly rarely happened. So, okay, there is Tsukyomi, a technique that consumes tons of chakra.

Having bought this we had to learn that there is a second - supposedly chakra-consuming - Mangekyou-technique - Amaterasu - a fire technique hot/strong/"I don't really care what" enough to overcome even other fire techniques. The only way you can avoid this is by sealing it if you are a Sannin (Jiraiya), by using Shinra Tensei (Nagato), being the fastest Shinobi available (A) or whatever. But okay, Sasuke managed to come up with a strategy to counter it.

As if it weren't enough, there is Susano'o, which can tank any - absolutely any - technique. No matter how fast or strong it is. And when you think it's over, and think that there are still ways so overcome this absolute - as usual extremely chakra-consuming - defense (as Gaara showed), there comes Madara with his extremely powerful - thus chakra-consuming - perfect susano'o.

Meanwhile, the Byakugan-user looks rather petty with his ability to see chakra and every detail within a 100 yards. Susano'o is big enough, you won't need it.

But then you think: OK, it could be worse. They are human, after all, so once you kill them, they die. NO, THEY DON'T!!! Because, well, yes, there is, exceptionally, this tiny little secret eye technique that helps you turn reality into an illusion. But hey, at least there is a catch: you lose your eye sight, so you just have to kill Tobi about 100 times until he runs out of Sharingans.

And, of course, there is Izanami, this tiny little secret eye technique - as all Sharingan-techniques seem to be secret - that helps you counter Izanami. The only downfall here is, beside the fact that - again - you turn blind, you need a doctor in Sharingan-science and Uchiha-ancient-history to be able to understand how that techniques actually works.

Hearing all this, the Byakugan-user starts crying and wonders how he could even learn to stand erect.

And that's not all: It's not just that you can only fight a Mangeykou-Sharingan-user if you find a way to fight an absolute defense, the best Genjutsu, the strongest fire-technique, Izanagi and Izanami - techniques that are all, of course, so extremely chakra-consuming that they use them every ten minutes.

There is also the fact that it is possible to evolve the d*** sharingan into the next level: Rinnegan! And that gives you access to all Rinnegan-techniques.

In the meantime, the Byakugan-user seriously considers to work as a caretaker.

I know that Kishi loves the Sharingan, but I am sick of it. I really do hope that we already know all techniques. Yet I know that we don't, because Itachi already revealed that once you have the EMS, there comes a - guess what - new, secret (and probably extremely chakra-consuming) technique nobody knows.

I hate the Sharingan.

P.S.: By the way, I forgot Kakashi's Kamui.