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    I think the question is: How will Madara be defeated...? Sasuke to the rescue? As I've said in other posts, Madara is too awesome.

    I can't understand why they can't trade eyes before they're blinded. I mean, you get MS, I've got MS. I switch eyes before I go blind with you and we both have blindness free MS...? HUH? Let me go re-read the the post.

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    1) So why are people thinking the Tengu theory is dead? In fact you almost need a Tengu (a demon) to spawn a clan that's so highly SCREWED up as the Uchihas.

    You can't explain all this EMS Krap and insane fraticide with just Chakra molding alone.

    2) Does every MS have a Unique appearance?

    3) So Madara founded Akatsuki, where does that leave Pein? Is he mind controlled, or is he just stupid?

    LOL icpt, Your avatar got MS too?

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    How the heck does one pull out an eye (or eyes) and gain its power? It is not really replacing eyes, unless the eyes you took out and place it as your own. But if that is the case couldn't Sasuke and Itachi just swap eyes? Doesn't make much sense to me.
    And Sasuke doesn't have MS yet. But Itachi is nuts, he probably doesn't really care at this point.

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    itachi was like "i want your eyes and i'll achieve the perment power and be like....bbyyyaaahhhhhh......!!!!"

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    how the f*** did Madara found the Akatsuki?

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