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    so thats itachi's reasoning...he wants to be like madara and have his eternal MS...that sounds fuckin crazy and a great reason for him to leave sasuke alive and get him to achieve MS....but that makes me wonder, what if he stole kakashi's.....wouldnt that work?

    im expecting kakashi to become even stronger and somehow find out something about the uchiha's and sharingan secret

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    the above summary is the real one, it's been confirmed.


    Quote Originally Posted by spoiler found at Mangahelpers
    Verification: Confirmed
    Source: NF
    Credits: Sho (translation)

    "There's something else besides having the eyes to tame the Nine-Tails?"

    イタチ「そうだ…そのもうひとつの秘密 それが最も重要な秘密だ」
    Itachi: "Yes. And that remaining secret is the most important one."

    Sasuke: "Important secret? What is it?"

    Sasuke: "Answer me! What is it?"

    イタチ「少し昔話をしてやろう うちはの歴史にまつわる話だ」
    Itachi: "I'll tell you a little story. One dealing with the history of the Uchiha."

    「かつてマダラにも兄弟がいた…弟だ 幼き頃より二人は互いの力を高め合い競い合った」 競い合った"
    "A certain Uchiha Madara once had a brother of his own...a younger brother. When they were young, they competed against each other, both growing in power."

    「そして二人は写輪眼に開眼し 兄弟の名は一族の中でも特別なものになっていった
    "As a result they awakened to the Sharingan. They became known as special brothers even within the clan."

    二人は成長を求め競い合い 兄弟はついに万華鏡写輪眼を開眼したのだ」競い合い
    "By seeking growth via competition against one another, the brothers finally attained the Mangekyou Sharingan."

    「それはうちは一族始まって以来の事だった そして兄弟はその瞳力うちはを束ね
    "That was from the beginning of the Uchiha clan. So with their powerful eyes, the brothers took control of the clan."

    兄のマダラはリーダーになった しかし順調だったマダラの身にある異変が生じ始める
    "The older brother, Madara, became leader. However, strange abnormalities began to grow upon his otherwise healthy normal body."

    さっき話したな…この眼は特別だと 使えば使うほど封印され行き着く先は全くの闇
    "I said it before...these eyes are special. The more you use them, the closer the complete darkness approaches which seals it away."

    これが万華鏡写輪眼の末路だ 大きな瞳力を…力を得る代わりにその力は自ら閉じ 光を失う」
    "This is the end of the road for the Mangekyou Sharingan. In exchange for that great will shut your 'eyes'...parting with the light."

    「マダラは光を取り戻すためあらゆる手を尽くすが何一つ効果を得られるものはなかった "
    "Madara exhausted all means for the sake of returning his light, but nothing was effective."

    絶望した そして万華鏡に取り憑かれたマダラは光を求め…」
    "He despaired. And so, possessed by the Mangekyou, Madara sought the light..."

    Madara: "Forgive me."

    Younger brother: "Gyaaaaa!!"

    Itachi: "He plucked his brother's eyes."

    「マダラは新たな光を手に入れた そしてもう二度とその眼の光は閉じることがなかった
    "Madara gained a new light. And never again was his light ever shut away."

    永遠の万華鏡写輪眼! 弟の眼は新しい宿主を得ることで永遠の光を手に入れたという…」
    "The eternal Mangekyou Sharingan! Being the new host for his brother's eyes is what is said to give him a new light."

    「そしてそればかりか変化を起こした 特有の新しい瞳術がその眼に生まれたのだ
    "And so, whether it was just that or not, it caused a change. A unique doujutsu was born from those eyes."

    ただし瞳のやりとりは一族間でしか行えない それにこの方法で誰もが新しい力を手に入れるわけ ではない」
    "This is all provided that the exchange of eyes would not be done outside the clan. And by this method, no one would know how to acquire this new power."

    "After that, a reality of countless victims piled up over the course of this history... That is the remaining secret of these eyes."

    「マダラはその力を使いあらゆる忍一族を次々と束ねていった そして忍最強と謳われていた
    "Having those powers, Madara brought all the shinobi clans, one by one, to heel.* And so he was called the strongest of all shinobi."

    森の千手一族と手を組み新たな組織を設立したのだ その組織こそが後の木ノ葉隠れとなる」
    "Joining hands with the Mori no Senju clan (or can be read as the "Senju clan of the forest"), a new establishment was founded. It was that establishment that became Konohagakure."

    「その後マダラは千手一族のリーダーであった後の初代火影と里の方針を巡って対立 その主導権 争いに
    "Afterwards, Madara met with the leader of the Senju clan who would later become the Shodai Hokage, and with whom which he had a confrontation over matters of village policy. The conflict over the right of leadership."

    敗れはしたが マダラは今もその瞳力と共に在り続けている」
    "Though defeated, Madara continues on even now along with the power that lies in his eyes."

    「新たに“暁”を組織し その影に姿を隠してな」
    "The shadow of his newly organized "Akatsuki" does its part to hide his visage."

    「十六年前 九尾が木の葉を襲った事件はもちろんマダラが起こしたものだ
    "It goes without question that the attack by Kyuubi upon Konoha that 16 years ago was caused by none other than Madara. It was prevented regrettably by the Yondaime."

    Sasuke: !

    イタチ「今のマダラは負け犬だ…うちはの高みを手にするのは奴じゃない …あの男 マダラを超 え本当の高み へと
    近づくのはこのオレだ そして今! ! オレはマダラを超える力をようやく手に出来る!
    Itachi: "Madara as he is right now is a failure. He isn't the one who will attain the heights of the Uchiha. The one who is getting closer of attaining that true height, of surpassing that man, me. And it's now! I finally will be able to get the power of surpassing Madara!"

    Itachi: "Sasukee! You are my new light!"

    Sasuke: !

    Itachi: "You are my spare! The Uchiha clan originally had friends kill one another for the Mangekyou Sharingan-"

    永遠の瞳を得るために親兄弟で殺し合い そうして力を誇示し続けてきた汚れた一族なのだ!
    "To attain the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, they had brothers kill each other. And by doing so they stained their hands with blood, continuing to display their power."

    そしてその一族の中に生れ落ちた時からお前も この血塗られた運命に巻き込まれている!
    "And so, you too are enveloped by this blood-stained destiny, from the very time you were born within the clan!"

    "Now come, brother! Once I kill you, I will liberate the clan from its destiny and attain true change!"

    制約を抜け 己の器から己を解き放つ!」
    "I will drop my limits and release myself from my "capacity"*!"

    ~Sasuke flashback

    イタチ「お前とオレは唯一無二の兄弟だ お前の越えるべき壁としてオレはお前と共に在り続ける さ」
    Itachi: "We are unique brothers, you and I. I act as the wall you must overcome, so that you and I can continue existing together."

    イタチ「お前はこのオレを越える事を望み続けてきた だから生かしてやる…オレの為に」~
    Itachi: "You continued hoping to surpass me. That's why I let you live...for my sake."

    Itachi: "We are each other's spares! That is what binds us as brothers of the Uchiha!"

    Itachi: "Seems you were able to see enough of my true self."

    Sasuke: "So it was all for this..."

    ~Sasuke flashback

    サスケ「名はうちはサスケ 嫌いなものならたくさんあるが好きなものは別にない
    Sasuke: "Name: Uchiha Sasuke. Lots of things I don't like, and I don't really like anything."

    それから…夢なんて言葉で終わらす気はないが 野望はある 一族の復興と ある男を必ず」
    "And I have no intention leaving the word as "dreams". I have ambitions. The resurrection of my clan, and...-"

    「殺すことだ」 ~
    " kill a certain man."

    Sasuke: "All or nothing...this is it."

    *Means that it was under Madara's control
    **Itachi used the word "onore" 己 which can refer to either Itachi or Sasuke. I believe it's referring to Itachi though.
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    Although its cool to see a different side of Itachi(the crazy side), I prefer the clam, nonchalant, Ill kill you by staring at you to death itachi.

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    Wow insane Itachi hes one crazy F^#$ker! I bet Sauske has his own secret technique to counter Itachi's Genjitsu and then the real fight begins.
    I figured Itachi was a cold bastard but steal his brothers eyes and leave him for dead...
    he needs to get owned and hard!

    But mkes you wonder maybe that what Tobi was referring to the hawk or snake if Sauske kills itachi will he take Itachis eyes ? and if he does then what...?

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Oh sh*t! Itachi has gone b*tch crazy! O_o
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    for the 1st time since i started to read naruto, im seeing a happy itachi.. or isit crazy itachi? damn.... the most badass villain is smiling n went nuts....damm.....damn... damn!!!! is the pic 4 real???? x.x i can believe it... itachi is smiling like a crazy b!tch... my god..... kishi went nuts adi i guess... kishi showing his emotions in naruto... he ruined itachi... x.x god help us all..

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    HELL YEAH!!! He ruined Itachi! That was such a bad move. It doesn't fit the charachter he has been building all these years!
    I mean... he walks off to Naruto, who is his target, calm and cool, wanting only to talk. And then he goes ape sh*t...
    So very wrong! >_>'''
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    i know.... damn kishi... itachi was one of the most evil villain with the most coolest characteristics.... but now.... he juz like naruto..... shouting n saying sh!t to god....

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    yeah, and after all those times when Itachi made fun of people who shout and stuff. Example: Naruto & Sasuke
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    Seriously, wtf! I'm so going to be a hater. What happened to the Itachi we all loved? What happened to the smoothest f**ker in history? Though the fact that he grew Sasuke up just to take his eyes is somewhat interesting, everything else is sooo out of place. I hope Kishi has some real good explanation. And I'm starting to think that the Uchihas have some serious genetic problem. They all seem to go crazy at a certain point.

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