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Thread: Orochimaru!

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    Lost in fathomed infinity Freakshow's Avatar
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    Jan 2008
    Lol True. Wi`ll make a PARTY for sasuke`s death and orochimaru`s comeback ^^

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    Oro fan gal...;) Shibo Uirusu's Avatar
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    Hakariakure, reading about alchemy<3
    Personaly, though, i want to see an ark about Oro's childhood, and at the end, Oro's back!!!!
    The world will be happy again!!!!!!!
    Shibo: i didn't do it,conaio
    Why would I do it?
    How could I cause aaaaall of this?
    *utter chaos and destuction over the Village Hidden in Leaves*
    Oro:*eye twitching; no response avalable*
    Shibo:Am i good, conaico?
    Oro: Y-Yes! you are an angel sent to help me with my dreams!
    Shibo:*eyes shining*REALLY!? Which village is next?
    Oro: Not a village, but the Akatsuki!
    Shibo: YAY! *runs off, killing several Akatsuki members in the process...*
    Shibo's not an angel
    She will never be

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