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    I would love to see ALOT of Espada Vs Captains match-ups;
    - Byakuya Vs Ulquiorra (again... might not com true)
    - Noitora Vs Zaraki (God.. KILLER BATTLE! Blood and all out KILLING INSTINCTS!)
    - Shunsui Vs Stark (Laid-back-middle-aged-hairy-men who loves Sake battle)
    - Szayel Vs Mayuri (Mad Scientist pair)
    - Halibel Vs Soi Fon (...babes fight it off)
    - Negro Espada Vs Ukitake (Mature/calm men honourable fight)
    - Old Man Espada Vs Yamamoto
    - Unohana Vs Aizen
    - Gin Vs Hitsugaya
    - Tousen Vs Komamura

    I especially wanted Renji Vs Grimmjow... but I think they'll both side Ichigo in the end.. hopefully Grimmjow doesn't die.. and maybe Orihime Vs Rukia since they're on different sides now.

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    probably wont happen, but i would love to see gin vs byakuya. i know this wont happen but Grimmjow vs zaraki would have been nice. as for realisticly, tosen vs Captain animal(cant remember name), aizen vs everyone (it will be SS end all over again. someone will step up, get pwnd, then the next person.) anyone of the vizards vs niotora.
    Ulquiorra vs ichigo (ichigo is not going to be able to kill him after his fight with Grimmjow.)
    urahara finishes yammi quickly, then rushes over to end the n00b pwnage aizen is handing out with his bankai. Renji and Chad will just be there. Hitsuga and gin will have a rematch.

    Highlight of the arc: Aizen vs Everyone. just like before, they will start droping like flies. then Urahara will rush over there and double team with yamamoto. they both use their bankai's, so Aizen will just use his initial release to hide himself until he finishes chanting the words for Kido 99 (most powerful one. if you say the words for a kido, you get much more power than if you dont). after they start getting pwnd, ichigo will come to the rescue cause he hasn't been put under the hypno stuff yet. then he will use his bankai and the universe destroys itself from the ungodlyness of aizens bankai.

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    Aizen vs Yamamoto

    im tired of people overrating Yamamoto and saying he's the strongest whatever.
    if this fight is ever to happen, Aizen will literally rape him.

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    I think it might boil down to a three man battle royal ^^. Shinji Ichigo and Aizen. I mean, they re all like from different 'groups'? Urahara, yorouchi and the vaizards will most probably be helping out here and there. yea.

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