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    I wouldn´t mind seeing Urahara vs Ulquiorra....

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    its seems like all of u forgot someone/thing... The Vastlorde.. vastrode.. whateva.
    vastlord has battle abilty more than captain class..
    in the mean time, aizen try gather them.. few of them.. turn them arrancar mean more powerfull threat to gotei13. espada? they just a `sword` for aizen.. vastlord? man.. i bet they are really strong guy..

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    You guys should also post who youd think should win !

    Aizen vs old man Yama .... Aizen will win and finish the kings key

    I think Yama's bankai would be so powerful he couldnt do it without destroying the town, just look at what his shikai is

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    Aizen vs Everyone

    and Aizen wins.

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    ichigo will fight aizen and it will end up taking like 30 chapters but end up gaining some other god like power
    All that is Bleach is good

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    I'm supposed to be in japan...yet i spend more time in the middle of the pacific
    I want to see Kenpachi get into action. I can see him teaming up with Komamaru to take out Tousen together. I know that Kenpachi was able to fight Tousen on pretty good terms in the beginning, but i feel that for the sake of story writing, he at least should be strong enough to give one of them enough trouble to make them need decide to work together.

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    well there's 10 of them against 13 of the captains, the weaker ones get 1 captain (7-10) and the rest double up on one enemy i guess

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    If Tousen went up against Zaraki there would be no way in hell that Tousen would have a chance at winning, and thats the way its always gonna be, especially if Zaraki ends up with some uber bankai


    Why don't more people read these mangas?

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    I also want to use Unohana (i think that's her name) the captain of healing division fights ... she seems to be underrated due to the nature of her division ... i bet she's pretty strong

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    i wanna see fox buddy fight tousen or rankigou (with bankai )against gin

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