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    Aria and Kino no Tabi

    While on my hunt to find interesting graphic novels and the like I've stumbled upon these two series: Aria and Kino no Tabi.

    Anyone have a history with these two and could possibly give me the thumbs up or the thumbs down?

    I know that they are both pretty light-hearted and that Kino no Tabi is more of a light novel then a full fledged graphical one. I've heard Aria called a "slice-of-life" manga with no character development for any other characters but the main character her self, but instead aims to show the reader the happiness of everyday life. I've also heard Kino no Tabi makes one think about life and the world around them.

    Does anyone have any input, opinions or such for these two series?

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    aria isn't exactly a shonen there's about a bunch of girls who steer boats on a terraformed watery mars and a bunch of magic and stuff... unless, of course, you're t alking about something else... kino no tabi sounds somewhat like yesterday's journey

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    Kino no Tabi is an adaptation of set of light novels about an individual (Their sex is a spoiler) called Kino who rides a talking motorcycle called Hermes, I've only seen the anime, which is possibly my favourite of all time, the series is episodic, with Kino as the traveller (And therefore inherently neutral) entering various strange and bizarre cultures which generally have metaphoric meanings of various significance. It's a philosophical series, that doesn't have much in the way of explosions, but the anime was totally awesome.

    Kino no Tabi isn't always light-hearted though, not as negative in terms of the conclusions it draws on humanity as say Requiem from the Darkness, but not all happiness and light.

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