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Tobi probably could take on Naruto and Bee at this point, but I doubt he will. He's always planned for Sasuke to be the one to actually capture Naruto. If Tobi doesn't immediately retreat to deal with Kabuto / Sasuke / Madara (take your pick, they're all high-priority items for him), I'm guessing at the most Tobi will capture Killer Bee. Naruto is exhausted, Bee is injured, and reinforcements are about to show up. If Bee becomes too tired to use his Bijuu Mode, or Tobi decides to go all-out, I think we may finally see Bee get captured.

I remember when the Jinchuuriki vs. Jinchuuriki fight started, I thought it seemed like a send-off for Bee, and I was surprised when it ended up focusing on Naruto... and now that Naruto has mastered his Bijuu, he no longer needs Bee's guidance / protection, and Bee is the last person acting as a sensei to Naruto. Naruto has set himself up in this fight as a "Bijuu Messiah"... is there still room for a second Jinchuuriki when Naruto has just been entrusted with all their names or w/e? There's also been some major foreshadowing that Bee will sacrifice himself for Naruto, with both Itachi and Iruka entrusting Naruto's life to Bee.

There may be no reason for Bee to actually die, but it's been hinted at. Kabuto noted as much when he said that, as Tobi had the Kyuubi chakra from the KinGin bros, but only a droplet of the Hachibi chakra via a tentacle, Tobi was probably in a hurry to capture Bee. I think that's the only reason why Tobi showed himself in battle this early.
You are correct that Naruto has finally come to his own, and needs no more tutelage. The reason I doubt that Tobi would/ could take Naruto's group on is that he'd have to do something really fast since the advantage will go to Naruto's group as the fight drags on. I suppose Tobi could drag Bee into his dimension, but Killerbee could be too much to handle if Tobi has no way of actually immobilizing him. And, if Bee gets Samaheda back, he could recover from his injuries very quickly.

I guess what I'm saying is that it's difficult to see a good convincing plot scenario for the Bee-Napping to happen while Naruto and Kakashi are backing him up, and reinforcements are on the way.