Does anyone else wonder if the Uchiha were just born with easier eyes to pluck out? Shisui pulled his out with the quickness and acted like it was no big deal.

Also I have say this was a pretty touching chapter. I think their father understood what he was doing was wrong and took what was coming to him like a real man (same with his wife). It was nice to hear his parents talk about how they still loved Itachi even with what he was doing, and how they knew he was going to live in pain. Plus it was nice seeing them acknowledge Sasuke since in pretty much all the flashbacks all they did was care about Itachi.

If you ask me, this chapter was only meant to pave the way for Naruto to change Sasuke's heart. To show that even though you can do unforgivable acts, the people that love you will always forgive you and continue to love you.